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My Cyta services
Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

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Plan Local
Monthly Subscription
SIM only
(1 month contract)
Monthly Subscription
SIM only
(24month contract)
Monthly Subscription
with handset
(24month contract)
RED 1 150 150 200MB €14,00 €11,00 from €15,00
RED 2 300 300 650MB €21,00 €17,00 from €21,00
RED plus 2GB Unlimited Unlimited 2GB €40,00 €28,00 from €32,00
RED plus 4GB Unlimited Unlimited 4GB €45,00 €33,00 from €37,00
RED plus 10GB Unlimited Unlimited 10GB €53,00 €41,00 from €45,00

* Mobile Internet speed

Unlimited Intra-company Calls with €2 / month per mobile number

RED Business Saver automatically apply to the provision of the first RED Pay Monthly Plan.

Scale (Total Monthly Subscriptions before VAT*) % Discount
€30 - €149,99 5%
€150 - €499,99 10%
€500 - €999,99 12%
€1000 + 15%

*The discount is calculated on the total subscriptions of

  • RED plans(except handset subscription)
  • Classic & MakeYourOwn plans(except Handset subscription)
  • TALK, SMS & Mobile Internet packages
  • Vodafone Mobile Broadband (VMB) plans
  • Intra-company packages (BBT-Mobile)
  • Machine-to-Machine

Local Minutes €0,09 / minute
Local SMS €0,035 / SMS

Mobile Internet

Plan Total Volume Out of Bundle Charge
RED 1 200MB 50MB/€2,50
RED 2 650MB 256MB/€5
RED plus 2GB 256MB/€2,50
4GB/ 5GB 1GB/€5
10GB/ 12GB 1GB/€5
BLACK 40GB 10GB/€10

Minutes – Charging is per 15 seconds
SMS – Charging per message

Plan Monthly Subsrciption
RED 1 €14
RED 2 €21
RED 3 (No commercially available for new customers) €33
RED 4 (No commercially available for new customers) €51
RED plus 2GB €40
RED plus 4GB €45
RED plus 5GB (No commercially available for new customers) €50
RED plus 10GB €53
RED plus 12GB (No commercially available for new customers) €60
FREEDOM plus €68
BLACK €137

What else:
Ιf you already have a pay monthly plan (Classic, Light, MakeYourOwn), you’re a soeasy pay as you go customer or you’re a new customer, the connection fee to RED plans is free of charge.

Customers with time commitment to other pay monthly plans can be transferred to RED.
Terms and conditions apply.