Powersoft365 PocketPro

Know your business stocks at any time!

Cyta, in collaboration with Powersoft, recognizing the growing need for businesses to be able to work from anywhere, offers the Powersoft365 PocketPro mobile app.

Powersoft365 PocketPro works in combination with Powersoft365 Stock Control/POS and is available in two versions:

  • Powersoft365 PocketPro - ex-van sales-order:

The Powersoft 365 Stock Control/POS mobile app, which automates all internal processes related to online sales. It covers all sales department needs, whether ex-van or not, customer credit, customer history, special prices per customer, etc.

  • Powersoft365 PocketPro - warehouse:

Mobile warehouse management for orders, intra-store transfers, price control and changes, and a special app for the sales period, stocktaking and all the processes related to stock.