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Cyta Fiber network

Check the available fiber speeds in your area

Speeds of light up 2Gbps!

Instant and fast transfer of big data!

Fast, seamless and
reliable internet access!

Use of new cutting-edge technologies to increase and improve your activity!
  • Professional groups that number more than 15 persons are offered 5% discount on the monthly subscription of Internet Home.
  • Large families are offered 15% discount on monthly subscription of Internet Home service.
  • Special Internet Home tariff packages with 61% discount are offered to people with special needs.
  • Customers of the Internet Home products can place an order for a 2nd Internet Home product with a discount of up to 51%. It is noted that the 2nd Internet Home product must be of the same or lower price of the 1st Internet Home product of the customer and that it provides only the internet connectivity service and not any of the added facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fiber Network by Cyta?

The Fiber Network by Cyta is the only island wide fiber optic network, which guarantees extremely fast speeds of up to 2Gbps. Its the fastest and most reliable network in Cyprus, that covers the current and future demands of businesses to operate productively in today’s competitive environment.

It is one of the biggest investments in telecommunications ever undertaken in Cyprus and it will take the country forward into the new era of the digital society.

What are the optical fibers used in the Fiber Network by Cyta?

Optical fibers are very fine cables that use light for data transmission at much faster speeds than those possible with traditional copper cables. Via optical fibers, data travels close to the speed of light.

Why do we need faster Internet speeds?

In today’s digital era, everything is changing: the way we learn, work, live and see the world and ourselves in it. Recognising the demands of the new digital era, Cyta decided to invest in the design and installation of the biggest and fastest Fiber Network in Cyprus. The Fiber Network lets people exploit the technologies of the future with new generation networks, thereby raising their standard of living and improving their business activities.

The applications that businesses use daily to communicate with their customers, employees and suppliers, such as teleconferencing, Office365 and high-resolution video and images, require real time and fast transfer of large volumes of data. A fast Internet connection can make the difference, improve and upgrade the entire experience thanks to the quality and reliability it provides.

Cloud Computing is another modern technological innovation for businesses. By using the Cloud, businesses can store their data and a large part of their software on a secure server operated and secured by a service provider. A fast fiber optic connection enables the applications needed by a business, such as e-mail, data backup, security software, etc. fast with no delays. This means that employees spend more of their time productively and less time waiting.

When will the Fiber Network be available in my area?

Our goal is to gradually reach as many areas of Cyprus as possible and to provide businesses with an integrated and upgraded communication experience.

How will I know if the Fiber Network by Cyta is available in my area?

You can find out if the Fiber Network has reached your area by clicking here. If area is not yet Fiber ready, you can complete an application form and we will contact you as soon as the Fiber Network reaches you. We are expanding the Fiber Network daily. It will soon reach your area.

Will the Fiber Network reach my business?

Yes, the fiber optical cable will run directly to your premises.

What are the advantages of Fiber technology?

On the Fiber Network, data is transmitted as light signals through small, flexible strands of glass, thus securing speed and reliability.

Optical fibers can thus provide superfast speeds of up to 2Gbps. Such speeds are ideal for virtually any activity that uses the Internet, such as:  

  • Downloading large files and video.
  • Simultaneous connection of multiple devices such as computers and mobile devices.
  • Reliability: The Fiber Network is extremely reliable. Various factors that can affect a connection and its speed such as interference from other electrical sources/cables, the weather, the distance from the Internet service provider’s network etc.– do not affect the light signals transmitted over the Fiber Network.
What speeds are available on the Fiber Network?

For Internet Business products, all the current speeds of 150/400/700Mbps, 1Gbps και 2Gbps.
Internet Home products, all the current speeds of 200/300/500Mbps, 1Gbps and 2Gbps.

Which Fixed Telephony services are available on the Fiber Network?

The Fixed Telephony services available on the Fiber Network are:

  • Telephony Small Business
  • Business Telephony
  • Business Telephony for PBX (SIP)
  • Telephony and Telephony Plus

Analogue telephony and ISDN basic and primary rate services are not available on the Fiber Network so if you have anAnalogue or ISDN service, you will need to transfer to one of the above fixed telephony services. For more information, click here.

When will I be informed about the installation of the Fiber Network in my area?

As soon as the roll-out of Fiber Network starts in your area, you will receive relevant information at your premises and if you are a customer you will be contacted by phone. You can also check here filling in your address, if the Fiber Network by Cyta is available in your area.

What is the procedure for connecting to Cyta’s Fiber Network?

Cyta’s Fiber Network is being extended continually and new fiber optic cables are being installed on a daily basis. As soon as, the Fiber Network by Cyta reaches your area, you can submit an online application to connect or call 150 or visit any Cytashop.

Will my connection to Cyta’s Fiber Network be free?

If you have any of Cyta’s Internet Business or Internet Home products or you are a Business Telephony customer, the connection will be free. Terms and conditions apply.

I am not an Internet Business or Business Telephony customer of Cyta. What must I do to connect to the Fiber Network by Cyta?

Click here and enter your address to ensure that the Fiber Network by Cyta is available in your area. If it is, you can fill in the relevant application and connect to Cyta’s Fiber Network.

In any case, you may contact (free of charge) the Business Customer Call Centre on 150 or call your Business Consultant for more information.

How long will it take for the service to be activated once I have made an application?

Your service will be activated within 2 months from the day that your application has been submitted. The activation time depends on the state of the internal cabling at your premises.

Before connecting to the Fiber Network, will I have to do anything within the business or on the company premises?

Connecting to the Fiber Network is simple. Once you have submitted an application to connect, a specialist Cyta technical crew will bring fiber optic cables to a point outside your premises and connect it with special equipment. In apartment/office blocks, the connection will be made on the ground floor of the building.

We will then ask you to arrange a day and time for our crew to visit you. Please inform the administrator of your building in advance. The procedure should take approximately one hour.

We will install and connect the fibre optic cable to the interior of your business. No alterations will be made to your equipment. Our crew will ensure that all the upgraded services operate smoothly. Welcome to the world of Fiber by Cyta!

Watch the video here to see how easy it is for us to run the Fiber Network directly to your premises.

During the transfer to the Fiber Network by Cyta, is there any chance of an interruption to my existing connection?

On the day your connection is activated, you will have no service during the time needed to complete the process of connecting you to the Fiber Network by Cyta.

I have applied to connect to the Fiber Network by Cyta. How will I know about the process of my application?

You can contact the Business Customer Call Centre on 150 for any information you may need.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. All your present devices will continue to function.