Unlimited intracompany calls

Intracompany Call Packages

Simply, easily and cost-efficient, your business employees can communicate with each other wherever they are!

Select the mobile intracompany package that suits your business and create intracompany communication groups.

Intracompany Call Packages for RED & FREEDOM plans: Choose one of the Business Unlimited packages and enjoy unlimited and free of charge calls between the intraconpany-communication group’s mobiles and to the company's landlines!

Intracompany Call Packages for Classic plans: Business Basic and Unlimited for Classic intracompany call packages ensure minutes of talk between the mobile intracompany communication group and to the company's landlines.

Additionally, Cytamobile-Vodafone mobile numbers get free phone facilities to enjoy easy and fast communication such as three-digit number, selective call transfer, conference calls, etc.

Intracompany Call Packages Minutes Connection Fee
(Valid for up to 30 numbers
 in the same package and application)
Monthly Subscription
per mobile number
Business Basic for Classic 300 €10,34 €4,65
Business Unlimited for Classic Unlimited €10,34 €9,70
Business Unlimited for RED 1 & RED 2 Unlimited €10,34 €2,00
Business Unlimited for RED Plus & FREEDOM Unlimited Free of charge


  • Cytamobile-Vodafone mobile numbers that will join the intracompany communication groups do not have to be registered under the company name.
  • Voice minutes in the intracompany call packages apply to calls from mobiles registered in the intra-communication group to other mobiles included in the group and to company’s landlines with Business Telephony and / Business Telephony for PBX (SIP) services.

Moreover, you can easily add free of charge intracompany calls from the company's landlines to mobile.

How you can do it

  • Select the Cytamobile-Vodafone phone numbers that will be included in the intracompany communication group.
  • Select 24-month commitment to at least one Cytamobile–Vodafone RED or Freedom business plan.

What’s the company’s benefit

Free unlimited calls from company’s landlines (BusinessTelephony or Business Telephony for PBX services) to all the mobile phones that are registered in the intracompany communication group.