With OneNumber you can share your monthly plan across various SIM cards using the same mobile number!
One Number

What you need to know

You can have up to 4 SIM cards with the same mobile number provided you have already activated VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology. First one would be the primary one and the rest three would be secondary ones.

There is no need to switch between SIM cards as all four of them are activated simultaneously.

You can make outgoing calls, send SMS and use mobile internet using any device/SIM card.

Incoming calls are delivered to ALL devices simultaneously.

Incoming SMS are delivered ONLY to the primary SIM card.

International Roaming service is available with OneNumber, provided that the device used supports roaming capabilities.

How do I get OneNumber

OneNumber is available for all monthly plan customers (RED Business / FREEDOM / BLACK/ Classic) on top of plan's relevant charges.

In case VoLTE technology is not activated yet on your device, you first need to activate it and then choose OneNumber.

One Number
Multisim customers who wish to transfer to OneNumber should:

Terminate Multisim service,

Activate VoLTE technology and then

Activate OneNumber service.

  Charge (VAT included)
Connection fee €5,95 / card
1st Card Subscription €5,95 / month
2nd Card Subscription €5,95 / month
3rd Card Subscription €5,95 / month

Note: Apple Watch does not require a separate order placement for OneNumber service. OneNumber is automatically activated via the "On device activation" method followed to activate eSIM.