What is eSIM?

eSIM is the most advanced form of SIM card known to date. Just like a physical SIM card, eSIM still provides your connection to the Cytamobile-Vodafone network so you can use your mobile plan. eSIM is already installed in your device. It is easy to activate, simple to use and planet friendly.

Why choose eSIM?

eSIM - Simple


In a few minutes you activate your eSIM, simply by scanning a QR code with the camera of your device.

eSIM - Safe


Enabling eSIM is a completely secure option, it is encrypted and protected with security certificates.

eSIM - Flexible


Even if your eSIM device only has one SIM card holder, you can activate your second eSIM number.

Do you have an eSIM compatible device?

Connect with eSIM

Change from SIM to eSIM

Existing customer?

Login to My Cyta to change your physical SIM to eSIM or transfer your eSIM to a new device, easily and quickly!

New connection with eSIM

New connection with eSIM

Signup with a new pay monthly plan and activate your eSIM.

Connect with smartwatch

Change from SIM to eSIM

Apple Watch

Change your physical SIM to eSIM or transfer your eSIM to a new device, easily and quickly!

New connection with eSIM

Samsung Watch

Communicate worry-free via the smartwatch that knows you better! Even without your smartphone!

eSIM activation instructions

iOS instructions

  1. Settings
  2. Mobile Data
  3. Add eSIM
  4. Use QR code
    Scan QR code (Position the QR code from your network provider in the frame)
  5. Activate eSIM
  6. Continue
  7. Enter PIN to unlock eSIM
  8. Mobile Plan Setup Complete
  9. Done
  10. Mobile plan Labels: Give a name (label) to your mobile plans
  11. Continue
  12. Default line: Choose SIM to be used for Calls and Messages
  13. Continue
  14. iMessage and FaceTime: Choose SIM to be used for iMessage and FaceTime
  15. Continue
  16. Mobile Data: Choose SIM for mobile data.
    Activate "Allow Mobile Data Switching" to allow your phone to use another SIM for mobile data if preferred SIM can't connect
  17. Done
  18. Exit Settings

Android Instructions

  1. Settings
  2. Connections
  3. SIM card manager
  4. Add mobile plan
  5. Scan carrier QR code
    Scan the QR code you got from your service provider
  6. Confirm
  7. Adding plan to your phone…
  8. When finished, "Cytamobile-Vodafone plan ready" will appear on the screen
  9. Enter PIN to unlock eSIM
  10. You will be diverted to SIM card manager page to review Preferred card settings for calls, messages, and data
    Enable "Data switching" to switch to another SIM for mobile data if preferred SIM can't connect
  11. Press Home key to exit


What is an eSIM card?

eSIM card ("e" from the word embedded = embedded) is a new type of SIM card that is integrated into the eSIM compatible device (eg Smartphone, Tablet, Smartwatch etc.). The eSIM is initially empty and provides the capability to the customers to download network access data.

What is an eSIM profile and how does it work?

With eSIM, user data is separated from the card and then stored in the so-called eSIM profile. The eSIM profile, which contains the client login data, is uploaded to the eSIM compatible device. Then the customer's connection to the network is activated. Your device must be connected to the Internet (WiFi) to complete the transfer process properly.

How many eSIM profiles can I have installed on my device?

You may have more than one eSIM profile uploaded, but only one can be active. If of course the device has 2 eSIM chips, then, yes, you can have 2 active profiles at the same time. As for the status that an eSIM profile can have, these can be "active", "inactive" or "deleted". In the eSIM profile management menu of compatible devices you can see the downloaded profiles and choose amongst them.

What is the difference between a physical SIM and  an eSIM?

Essentially, an eSIM profile contains the same information as a plastic SIM card, so that the network can distinguish you as a single user.

Which devices support eSIM?

You can find the list of devices that support eSIM at www.cyta.com.cy/eSIM.

How do I upload and activate an eSIM profile?

You can download an eSIM card by following an electronic procedure through the website, if you are an existing customer in any Cyta service and you have already signed the general service contract. If you are a new customer, you can get an eSIM by visiting any Cytashop in person.

Is there a charge for acquiring an eSIM?

All charges that apply for acquiring a physical SIM card apply for the eSIM depending on the Cytamobile postpaid plan.

How secure is an eSIM. Are there PIN & PUK codes?

The eSIM standard has been approved by the global GSMA organization and, utilizing the most advanced security measures, is completely protected from malicious use. The same goes for receiving an eSIM profile over a public WiFi network, as this process is encrypted and protected by security certificates. Of course, at eSIM, there are always known PIN & PUK codes that you can use for added security. In case you want to activate it, you can do it through the menu of your device. You will only need the PUK1 code if you have entered the PIN1 code incorrectly more than 3 times. If the PUK1 code is entered incorrectly 10 times, then your eSIM will be locked and will have to be replaced with a new one or downloaded again. PIN1 / PIN2 / PUK1 / PUK2 codes should be placed in a safe place.

Is the QR Code for my eSIM unique? How many times can I use it?

The QR activation code is unique and can only be used once. When you first scan and install it on your device, no one else can use it. However, if you accidentally delete the eSIM, you can download it again on the same device by scanning the QR Code from the email that was originally sent to you.

Is there a Mobile service that does not work with eSIM?

All the mobile services provided by Cyta today, such as roaming, call forwarding, OneNumber, etc., will work with eSIM, just as they did with the physical SIM card.

What should I do if I block my eSIM PIN?

In case of PIN and / or PUK blocking, you should contact the Customer Contact Center by calling 132 or 150 or a Cyta store to deactivate your eSIM profile and install a new one.

Can I transfer my eSIM to a new device?

Yes, it is possible to transfer eSIM to a new device that is eSIM compatible through the website www.cyta.com.cy. You need to log in to My Cyta and scan the QR Code that will appear on your computer screen.

What should I do if I lose my eSIM device?

In case of loss of your device, you should contact 132 if you are an individual Customer or 150 if you are a Business Customer in order to deactivate your eSIM. Your eSIM can be replaced in a store at any time, keeping the connection number you have. SIM card replacement fees apply.

If I change to eSIM does my old SIM card remain active?

When you change to an eSIM enabled device, by installing and activating your eSIM profile, the old physical SIM card is automatically deactivated.

What should I do if I sell my eSIM device to another user?

In order for a new user to activate their own eSIM profile, you must first delete the active eSIM profile after making sure that the device is on the Internet. It's a good idea to keep a backup of your contacts so you can install them on your new device.

If I perform a factory reset, will my eSIM profile still be active?

Unless you have deleted it, yes, it remains loaded and active.

What should I do if my eSIM profile is deleted from the device?

You can re-download your profile on the same device only by scanning the QR Code that was sent to you by email during the initial activation of the eSIM.

How many OneNumber subscriptions can I have with a Cytamobile plan?

With the same Mobile plan a customer can have up to 4 OneNumber subscriptions and 4 connected devices.

Will my Apple Watch work properly while roaming?

Unfortunately, while you are roaming you will not be able to receive calls or send sms from your Apple Watch.

Can I have a physical SIM and an eSIM on the same device?

Yes, it is possible to have a physical SIM card and an eSIM if your device supports it. This way you can choose which card to use at any time.

Can I go back from eSIM to physical SIM?

If you want to switch to physical SIM you just have to visit a Cyta store to be given a new card. At the same time you need to delete the eSIM profile from your device.

Can I have an eSIM if I am a soeasy prepaid customer?

At this stage prepaid service customers are unable to have an eSIM, however it will be possible at a later stage.

What happens if I try to change a physical SIM to eSIM but my device does not support eSIM?

The physical SIM will be deactivated as soon as you press "enter" but eSIM will not be installed. The customer will have to contact 132 for a physical SIM reset. The Cyta website has a list of devices sold by Cyta that support eSIM.

Is the transfer of eSIM the same as deleting and reusing the same QR Code?

In case the customer wants to transfer the eSIM from a smartphone to a new smartphone then the procedure is the same as deleting the card from one device and downloading a new one on the new device . In case the transfer concerns an Apple Watch (smartwatch), then the OneNumber service will be transferred seamlessly through the automated process, without the need for the customer to scan a QR Code from the new Smartwatch.

What does AWC offer compared to today's Apple Watch (GPS)?

With the current watch you need to have your iPhone with you at all times to be connected to the Carrier network (Cyta) and therefore to the internet. If your iPhone is not within close distance then the functionality offered by the watch is limited. However, this does not apply with the Apple Watch Cellular (AWC). You will be able to be connected to the Cyta network and enjoy full functionality through the FREEDOM / RED / RED Family plan that you have and use with your iPhone. The watch becomes a companion device of the iPhone and through it you use the content of the program FREEDOM, RED without having the iPhone with you, for example while you are exercising. AWCs and GPS visuals are the same but there is a difference in the selling price.

Can a customer receive SMS messages on the Apple Watch?

If a customer wants to receive SMS messages on Apple Watch this can be made possible through iCloud. Therefore the Apple ID must be set as follows:

  • Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive: Login with Apple ID.
  • To receive SMS messages when the watch is out of proximity of the iPhone, this can only be possible when the iPhone is turned on and connected to WiFi or Mobile Internet.
Problems with receiving calls on the Apple Watch

If the watch does not operate when the Bluetooth is turned off, the settings of the device must be checked (iPhone or Apple Watch).

Watch App -> General -> Airplane Mode -> Mirror iPhone: Must be disabled. The purpose is to ensure that tis feature is disabled in order to allow the two devices to synchronize when connected.

Is the On Device Activation method the only way to get OneNumber service along with eSIM for an Apple Watch?

On Device Activation is the only method at the moment to activate One Number service along with an eSIM on your Apple Watch. One Number cannot be activated and then transferred to the Apple Watch; this will not work.

Customers should know that OneNumber service along with an eSIM can be activated automatically from home without any Cyta employee intervention unless:

  • The customer’s device is not VoLTE and has to be activated.
  • The customer has a MultiSIM service and has to be converted to OneNumber.
  • The customer cannot have the service without authorisation from the service owner.
  • The customer has a prepaid service.
Transfer of eSIM to a new Watch

If the customer wants to transfer the OneNumber and eSIM to a new device then this will be done through the device (iPhone). The transfer process is initiated through the iPhone by selecting “Transfer SIM” from the Watch App after the customer has paired the new watch with the primary device.