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Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

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Business Telephony

Without upfront costs in a competitive package tailored to your needs.

Provides all features supported by a private branch extension (PBX) and many additional features.

free of charge and unlimited intra company calls
online management of the service from any location, in or out of the office, as long as you're online
use whichever device you choose fixed or mobile

» Free of charge and unlimited intra company calls between fixed and mobile numbers for your company

Business Telephony

What are your company’s benefits

Significant savings in
a single network
All intra company calls are free of charge, even if they are between different locations.
There is a unified calling environment among all company branches. A dialing plan with 3 digit codes is used for calls between different branches.
Use of mobile phones
Mobile phone numbers can be added as PBX extensions. These mobile numbers become part of the PBX solution obtaining many PBX features such as (3digit number selective call forward, conference calls etc.)
Calls made from mobile numbers which are registered to your Business Telephony service, to other service numbers (fixed or mobiles), that belong to the same service are charged based on the package of minutes you have chosen.
A single point of contact
You have one point of contact for all your communication needs just one call to Cyta Call Center at 8000-8040 is all that’s necessary.
State of the art solutions
Business Telephony includes all the features of a traditional PBX in addition to more specialized and functional capabilities. New features and updates are added as soon as they are released.
Flexibility to future-proof
your business
You have the ability to add or remove extensions without further investment.
You can move numbers among different sites to support staff who needs to work from different branches or homeworkers.
Online management
You have online management and parameterization of your company's PBX features anywhere and anytime. For more details ckick here.
Get peace of mind with the support from experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel 24/7.
Multiple Devices
You can tailor functionalities and devices to your staff according to their needs to increase your company’s productivity.
You can choose among different devices and handsets fixed (analog, ΙΡ), mobile, even personal computers and laptops.
Save Time
The purchase, management, maintenance and upgrade of a PBX can be expensive and time consuming. With Business Telephony you save time and money so you can focus on what is really important for your business.
Personalize the service for every user for efficient intra-company communication
Set the name and surname for every user to be presented on intra-company calls. Also set the 3 digit code (extension) for every number, for example Andreas Ioannou Ext. 154.

Caller ID and call forwarding facilities are enabled on all numbers.
Manage your incoming calls to provide better service to your customers
Set a specific number for each of the company groups to appear on every outgoing call of your group.
When your company is closed, inform your clients about your working hours and give them the option to leave you a voice message.
Receive your voice messages to your e-mail address so whenever something urgent arises you can deal with it at once or forward it to the right person.
Make sure your will not miss an important call
Activate sequential ring so that an incoming call will be transferred sequentially to multiple numbers. You set the sequence of the numbers of the forwarded calls. Also, activate simultaneous ring, so that multiple phones will ring simultaneous when you receive an incoming call. The incoming call is connected to the first phone that answers.
Dial *98# to pick up a call ringing on a telephone device from your device or from another one.
Manage incoming calls with Ring Group
Assign a specific number as the main number for a group of users. This main number is virtual, it cannot be set on a phone device and it will be available anytime. Assign the numbers of the users included in the group and set the order calls to the main number will be routed to the group. The users’ numbers may belong to any group of the company and you can choose the ring scheme you wish: circular in a fixed order, simultaneous, uniform to the number who was idle the longest or the number who received the least number of calls.
If the call is not answered you can forward it to voicemail or to any fixed or mobile phone you set on your time schedule, or even set the time schedule for this specific flow.
Manage your calls via web phone
Manage your calls via web phone using CommPilot application. CommPilot is offered with no extra charge and provides a lot of facilities that make your communication more efficient. Add your outlook contacts, so that you have all the numbers of your customers, associates and employees available at one point. Moreover, with CommPilot you have the ability to set- up a conference call with up to 7 persons.
CommPilot delivers a great user experience and once used it will become an addiction.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
IVR serves as an automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalized message to callers with options for connecting to the department of their choice.
To use the service you have to setup a virtual number to provide a personalized message to callers. This number is virtual, it cannot be set on a phone device and it will be available anytime. The personalized message will provide to callers options for connecting to the department of their choice. For example press 1 for the accounting department, 2 for sales etc. Moreover callers have the option to dial the name or internal number of the person they want to talk to. You have the ability to set different messages for working or non-working hours of your business.
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
Use Busy Lamp Field (BLF) to have the ability to receive the call state information of monitored numbers from one or more main points (via telephone device or console) to route incoming calls to available agents.
Αttendant Console for electronic management of calls via web
You are enabled to monitor via web the incoming calls of the company (all or for a configurable set of users within a business group) from one main points for example secretary or receptionist. On that point the receptionist/secretary, monitors- without a console or other device- users’ status (busy, idle, do not disturb) and is enabled to route incoming calls to available users. Attendant Console is accessed via web and you can manage incoming calls from wherever you are The attendant console provides further information for incoming calls of the users you are monitoring such as duration of calls, number of parties they are talking to, name, number, extension, mobile etc.
Basic Package per company group/installation point connected to the service

Connection Charge
Connection charge (includes up to four telephone numbers and access). Connection charge is paid in ten monthly instalments of €8,656. €86,56
Connection for additional broadband access at the same point and on the same order €20,00 (per additional broadband access connection)
The Business Telephony service requires a broadband connection (DSL Access/Ethernet) at the point/group where the service will be installed.
Monthly subscription per installation point
Telephone numbers Price per number
First 4 tel. numbers + access €41,25 (including all the 4 numbers)
5th number €7,25
6-8 tel. numbers €6,16
9-20 tel. numbers €2,90
21+ tel. numbers €2,18
Monthly subscription per number, for installation point with less than 4 numbers (the customer is required to have a point with 4 at least numbers prior to the installation)  
1st tel. number + access €19,51
2nd tel. number €7,25
3rd tel. number €7,25
Connection charge for extra equipment
Equipment Charge
- Terminal Adaptor ΑΤΑ - 2 ports €10,17
- Terminal Adaptor ΑΤΑ - 4 ports €23,80
- Terminal Adaptor ΑΤΑ - 8 ports €31,05
- Terminal Adaptor ΑΤΑ - 24 ports €62,08
- Layer 2 switch - 8 ports €31,05
- Layer 2 switch - 16 ports €46,56
- Layer 2 switch - 24 ports €62,08
Billing for Additional facilities
  Installation Charge Monthly Subscription
Receptionist facility €15,00 €5,18
Ring Group facility €10,34 €5,18
Remote Office facility / per user €10,34 €5,18
Auto Attendant €35,70 €15,00
Call Centre facility €31,05 €25,87
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) facility €10,35 €2,80
Telephony OnTheGo facility €5,95 €2,00
Connection of a PBX with analogue interfaces to the PSTN network (with 8 ports) €42,95 €11,90
Fax-on-email facility €11,90 €6,55
Billing for Management and parameterization
Telephone management and parameterization by Cyta €124,18 monthly subscription
Telephone management and parameterization (per incident) €25,87/ per call
Billing for Cabling of premises and purchase of telephones

Study and quotation for telephone cabling of premises Quotation is provided after study of each case
Purchase and installation of telephones during original installation of the service Based on the price of the telephone chosen by the customer
Connection of additional telephones after original installation of the service/per visit €41,39
Internal Communication Packages

Talk Time
Connection Charge* Monthly Subscription
per Mobile Number
Intra-company 90 90 mins €10,34 €4,65
Intra-company 200 200 mins €10,34 €9,21
Unlimited Unlimited €10,34 €19,15
RED Unlimited Unlimited €10,34 €2,00
    Connection Charge Monthly Subscription
100 Minutes Package to Business Telephony Mobile Numbers, registered in the same company   €8,79 €4,08

* Applies for up to 30number of the same package per order.

Call rates
  National calls International calls
Calls to fixed phones €0,02500 /min Greece: €0,067 /min
UK: €0,065 /min
Calls to mobile phones €0,05000 /min
(Calls to Cytamobile-Vodafone subscribers)
Greece: €0,194 /min
UK: €0,194 /min

Full details of our call rates

1. Prices include VAT.
2. The Business Telephony service requires a broadband connection (DSL Access/Ethernet) at the point/group where the service will be installed.

Choose the phone that better suits your needs.

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