FREE INSTALLATION of Internet & Cytavision valid until June 30.

Internet Business

Select the speed that suits your business

Reliable international interconnection

Multiple connections with Tier 1 providers and the major Internet Exchanges. Collaboration with all major content providers and the popular social networks for local caching.

Network Security

We protect our infrastructure from malicious DDoS attacks using state of the art technology. We also offer DDoS Network Protection service, a complete solution for protecting your business.

Internet Business products are a quality and reliable solution for internet connectivity and offer flexibility to meet the most specialized needs of a business.

Geographical Back-up

Geographical redundancy for the basic Internet services.


High availability, in terms of connections and routers, across the national and international network. Firewalls and DDoS Mitigation technologies are employed to protect the network from malicious attacks.

24-hour support

Free technical support and 24x7 network monitoring by highly trained staff at 8000-4000.
Free management of primary and secondary DNS.
We offer IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (dual stack).

Additional facilities

Free 150 MB Web Hosting with 5 e-mail addresses.
Free Business Mail Server Relay and Protection.
Four free e-mail addresses.
Free provision of one static IP address available for the customer's network.