Managed WiFi

Ensure a quality managed Wi-Fi network in your space and have no worries!

Ensure a quality managed Wi-Fi network in your space and have no worries!

With Managed Wi-Fi you can now provide a trusted Wi-Fi network to your customers. Cyta undertakes the preparation of the technical study for the Wi-Fi network, the installation and operation of the network with a fixed monthly subscription. You simply define the area that you want your network to cover.

Additionally weekly, you will receive anonymous statistics on for the use of your Wi-Fi network and other valuable information about your place.

Cyta's Managed Wi-Fi is a complete and reliable solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.
You deal with the services you provide and let us manage your Wi-Fi network.

Excellent experience for your customers

Visitors to your place will love it and mark it as a point of reference. They will Surf the web through a reliable Wi-Fi network without problems while enjoying your space.

Centralized management and
24-hour support

Managing and monitoring your network is centralized by the 24-hour technical support center, ensuring your network’s operation and availability.

Detailed Usage Information

Learn about your network usage, the frequency of visitors, the time and duration of the user’s visit, the applications and equipment they use, the amount of data being transferred, and more with the anonymous statistics you will have on a weekly basis.

High quality and capacity network

Access equipment used is made of the highest quality materials and accessories that are carefully adjusted for a seamless user experience. The result is faster connections, greater user capacity and more coverage.

Configuration, Flexibility and Content Quality

Create different Wi-Fi sub-networks with different capabilities, for example, for your employees. Add or remove wireless points quickly and easily according to your corporate needs as they are configured. Specify which apps you want or not to be used on your network eg No torrents.
Access the web with content-quality control to match your company profile and image. Block access to content e.g. not suitable for minors.

Free page configuration and ways to connect to the Wi-Fi network

Specify the connection mode and access conditions for your network, for example, open for all with acceptable terms of use, password access. Configure your network access page with your company's colors, logo, and slogan.