My Cyta FAQs

How ebill works

What is ebill?
Through ebill, Cyta provides secure online access to information about your accounts. More specifically, ebill lets you see monthly charges, payments and outstanding bills and gives you the opportunity to pay them online via credit card. It also gives you access to itemised call lists for the current month and the previous six months.
About which services can I obtain information with ebill?
With ebill you can access billing information for all your Cyta services (e.g. fixed telephony, mobile telephony, Internet services, broadband services, etc.). It also offers detailed lists of both fixed and mobile phone calls.
How do I apply to have access to ebill?
  • For billing information and online payment of your bills: Your application may be submitted online via our website or at any Cytashop.
  • For itemised call lists: Your application must be made in person at any Cytashop (presenting your identity card in case you are an individual or by an authorised representative in case of a legal entity).
What does ebill cost?
Cyta provides ebill completely free to all customers.
What are the advantages of ebill?

ebill offers the following advantages to users:

  • Access to billing information before it arrives by post.
  • Constant access to bills and the ability to print multiple copies.
  • Billing history for the previous six months.
  • Information about call charges and an itemised statement for the current month (prior to invoicing) and the previous six months.
  • Online payment of bills.
Can I see my billing history?
You can see your billing history (charges and payments) for the past six months and any bills that are still outstanding.
Can I see itemised lists of my calls?
Access to itemised call lists is available for fixed and mobile telephony. You can see itemised lists of calls made during the current month and the previous six months (an application must be made in person at any Cytashop and your identity card must be presented).
How can I send written questions or suggestions about ebill?
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments about ebill that you wish to submit by telephone or in writing, you can do so in the “Contact Us” section which is located under the “Support” tab on the horizontal drop-down menu of the website.

Paying bills with ebill

Can I pay part of the outstanding amount for a particular month?
You can only pay the total amount for previous months or for previous months and the current month. You can settle the bill for all your services or just for those you select.
How can I apply to pay my bills by Direct Debit/Standing Order?

For Individuals

You can activate a Direct Debit/Standing Order for payment of your bills as follows:

1. Request the IBAN Certificate for your account from your Bank (or print it directly through ebanking).

2. Bring the IBAN Certificate to any of our shops along with your identity card and we will take care of the rest!

For Businesses

If the bank account belongs to a Legal Entity, additionally to the above, one of the following documents is required:

1. A Company Resolution, showing the individuals/directors, who are authorized by the company to sign on behalf of the company for that specific account.

In the case of a legal entity with ONLY ONE DIRECTOR, then the Company Resolution is not required. In this case the Direct Debit/Standing Order application must be signed by the Director, based on the Certificate of Directors.

2. If a Company Resolution does not exist, an authorization signed by a Director and the company's Secretary is acceptable. The authorization must state that the specific person is authorized by the company/legal entity to sign on its behalf a request for Direct Debit with Cyta for that specific account.

What will happen if I use ebill to pay for services which are settled by Direct Debit/Standing Order?
Bills that are paid by Direct Debit/Standing Order are sent to the banks around the 18th of each month. If payment is made by ebill before this date and all outstanding amounts are settled, it will not be taken from your bank account. If you pay by ebill after the bill has been sent to the bank, a double payment will be made. The additional payment will be transferred as a pre-payment on your next bill or it will be used to settle any other outstanding bills.
Is there any additional charge for the payment of bills with ebill?
Cyta provides ebill, including the payment of bills, free to all customers.
How can I use any prepayments that appear on my bill?
Any prepayments will be used to settle future bills for the account into which a prepayment has been made. For any other arrangement, you need to contact a Cytashop.
Can I obtain a statement of my services that are settled by Direct Debit/Standing Order?
After logging in to My Cyta, on the “Outstanding Balances & Payments” page, you can see in tabular form an overview of all your services and whether they are settled by Direct Debit/Standing order or not. Additionally be selecting the link “Services payable by standing order”, that shows up at the bottom of the table, you can see in more detail the services that are paid by Direct Debit/Standing order.
How can I pay amounts owed due to returned cheques?
To settle amounts outstanding due to cheques that have been returned, please visit any Cytashop. Such payments cannot be made with ebill.
I have used ebill to pay bills which still appear not to have been settled. Why is this?
Payments made via ebill are processed at the end of each working day. Payments made the same day appear as a note under the bill statement table (on the "Outstanding Balances & Payments" page). For more details on these payments simply select the corresponding link.
What happens if I pay for a service that has been disconnected due to an upaid bill. Will it be reconnected?
For a service to be reconnected, the whole of the outstanding amount must be settled. Fixed or mobile phone service will be reconnected at the end of the day on which the payment is made or at the end of the next working day. For other services, reconnection takes place within two working days. In cases where a service has been disconnected due to an unpaid bill or where you are experiencing any kind of problem with reconnection, please visit any Cytashop.
Can I use ebill to pay my bills without being a registered user?
If you are not a registered ebill user and you wish to pay your bills online via credit card, you can do so by visiting the “Quick Payment of Bills” webpage. There you will need to enter details of the bill you wish to pay which you will find on the printed bill that was sent to you by post.