Cyta Rewards FAQs

Cyta Rewards for Business

What is Cyta Rewards?

Cyta Rewards is our customer reward scheme for postpaid services that offers unique gifts and exclusive rewards! Every time you pay your bill you are rewarded with Stars which can be redeemed for gifts, discounts and offers from the Rewards Shop and draw tickets for the grand prizes draws!

Who can participate in Cyta Rewards?

Business Customers that receive and pay a monthly bill for at least one postpaid service and have the Electronic Invoicing service activated participate in Cyta Rewards. The Public and broader Public Sector, Semi-Government Organizations and other Public Organizations, Local Authorities, Political Parties, and Trade Unions are not entitled to participate in Cyta Rewards. National and International Wholesale Market business customers and Cyta's Subsidiary Companies are also not entitled to participate in Cyta Rewards.

Do I need to register for Cyta Rewards?

As of 6 December 2022, when Cyta Rewards has started, the reward with Stars for the payment of each of your bills has begun. You do not need any registration in the Scheme. However, you need to access Cyta Rewards through

How do I access Cyta Rewards?

To be able to access Cyta Rewards visit It is a prerequisite that the Electronic Invoicing Service has been activated which lets you receive your bill via email in PDF format. You can find out more here: In order to activate the Electronic Invoicing service, please contact Cyta Business Call Center at 150 or your personal Customer Care Consultant.

What is the process to access Cyta Rewards via

Τhe authorized person to receive your monthly bills, via email, through the Electronic Invoicing service and to access your Cyta Rewards account will visit He or she will then enter in the two fields, the customer number you have been given by Cyta and the email address where you receive your monthly bills. Customer Number appears in the top right corner of your monthly bill. Upon successful completion of the above process, an email will be sent to the email address entered. The authorized person will click the link to access Cyta Rewards. After the expiration of the link, the same process will be repeated.

I have not activated the Electronic Invoicing service. Is there another way to access Cyta Rewards?

No, there is no other way to access Cyta Rewards. Activation of the Electronic Invoicing service is a prerequisite to be able to access Cyta Rewards.

Ι have just activated the Electronic Invoicing service. How soon will I be able to access my Cyta Rewards account;

Upon successful activation of the Electronic Invoicing service you will be able to instanly access your Cyta Rewards account via the webpage

I receive my bills through ebill service. How can I access Cyta Rewards?

In such a case you should change your Electronic Invoicing settings, through your ebill service. Go to the “Electronic Invoicing” settings and proceed to change the “Invoicing Channel” from “ebill” to “ebill + email”. By choosing the “ebill + email” option you will continue to have access to your bills in PDF format through the ebill service and you will also be notified every month by email as soon as your bills are available. When changing to the “ebill + email” option you will be asked to provide the email address to which the monthly notification emails will be sent each month. The same email address must be used at

I have already activated the Electronic Invoicing service. I receive more than one bills at different emails. Which email should I enter at website

In such a case, please contact Cyta Business Call Center at 150 or your personal Customer Care Consultant for more information.

What are Stars and how can I collect them?

Stars are the "currency" of Cyta Rewards. You earn Stars by paying your bills and by other activities within Cyta Rewards. Your Stars can be used to collect gifts from the Rewards shop and redeem them for Grand Prize Draws entries.

How do I redeem Stars?

Redeem your Stars simply and quickly at the Rewards Shop and by participating in the Grand Draws.

If I pay my bill late, or from another service point other than Cyta, will I still be able to be rewarded with Stars?

Yes! You will be rewarded with the corresponding Stars even if you pay after the past due date and from any point of service (electronically, via bank transfer, at the counters of Cyta stores and our associates).

How many Stars do I get when I pay my bill?

For every €1 of payment, you will be rewarded with 1 Star.

How will I know how many Stars I have?

You can easily and quickly find out your Stars balance from the main page of Cyta Rewards.

How do I manage my Stars?

You will be able to manage your Stars after you access Cyta Rewards. By clicking on your Stars balance you will see the history page of your transactions with Stars.

What will I benefit from redeeming my Stars?

The rewards of the loyalty scheme can vary from:

  • Gift vouchers for purchases of smartphones, wearables and accessories
  • Tickets to concerts, waterparks, etc.
  • Discounts in restaurants and shops
  • Discounts for air tickets, hotel stays
  • Sport Rewards and more!

Just visit the Rewards Shop to see all the prizes. The Rewards Shop is constantly updated so don't forget to visit it often!

How long will my Stars be valid for?

All the Stars you will collect in 2023 will have an expiration date of 31/12/2024 so that you have time to redeem them and not lose them. The same will apply to the Stars you will be collecting in the coming years.

How long will the offers be available at the Rewards Shop?

The offers and gifts at the Rewards Shop, as well as their validity period, vary. You can easily click on the offer you are interested in the Rewards Shop and you will find the description and terms that apply in detail in each case. When you get the offer, the remaining days to use the gift will be indicated. Also, on the main page of Cyta Rewards, a special indication will appear if you have any pending gifts so that you do not forget to redeem them!

The company has mobile phone numbers registered under its name that are used by company staff. Can staff redeem Stars from their personal Cyta Rewards account for the mobile numbers they use?

No, company staff cannot redeem Stars for the company mobile phone number they use. Stars can only be redeemed by the authorized person to access yoυr Cyta rewards account and redeem Stars of users.

Can I use my Stars for purchases from a store or online store?

Your Stars can be used to get a reward from the Rewards Shop or redeemed to get more Grand Draw tickets.

How can I get my reward?

If you have received a reward from a third cooperating company, you can show the gift code at the point of sale or enter it on the company's website depending on the terms of each reward that will be listed on the electronic coupon. If the reward concerns gift vouchers from Cyta you can use it at any Cyta Shop or on Cyta's webshop.

It's been an hour since I paid my bill and I haven't gotten my Stars.

Payments are processed on a daily basis, so your Stars will appear in your balance on the day after payment.

Can I transfer my Stars to another customer?

No, you cannot transfer your Stars to another customer but you may redeem your stars for a reward from the Rewards Shop and send the reward to a company employee, associate or anyone else you wish. On the electronic coupon of the reward there is a relevant link that by selecting it you can send the reward.

How do I invite business associates, business staff or friends to Cyta Rewards?

You have the opportunity to invite your business associates, company staff and friends to Cyta Rewards and be rewarded. There are two ways to send invitations. You can refer Cyta Rewards by sharing your personal referral code that you will find on the relevant page or by sending a personal invitation via SMS, email or social media. The more you invite, the more rewards are on your way!