Dedicated Internet

Ensure your business connection!

Reliable international interconnection

Multiple connections with Tier 1 providers and the major Internet Exchanges. Collaboration with all major content providers and the best-known social networks for local caching.

Multiple choices

Symmetric speeds of 1Mbps up to 1 Gbps.
Asymmetric speeds with upload speed x5.
Back up connections to two separate access nodes for comlete protection.

Network Security

We protect our infrastructure from malicious DDoS attacks using state of the art technology. We also offer DDoS Network Protection service, a complete solution for protecting your business.

Dedicated Internet offers you the reliable choice for a secure connection of your business to the Internet at high speeds. The service is provided at symmetric speeds of up to 1 Gbps through fiber optic and provides the ability to provide redundancy and dynamic re-routing to ensure guaranteed service availability, approaching 100%.

Continuous and uninterrupted access to the Internet, even in periods of high traffic.

Geographical redundancy for the basic Internet services.

Service Level Agreement with indicators regarding service availability, successful packet delivery percentage, Round Trip Time, and Fault Rectification.

Dedicated use of fiber for direct connection to the IP/MPLS network of Cyta.

High availability, in terms of connections and routers, across the national and international network. Firewalls and DDoS Mitigation technologies are employed to protect the network from malicious attacks.

eBGP routing protocol for customers wishing to develop multihoming internet solution with more than one ISP.

Additional facilities
  • Free Business Mail Server Relay and Protection.
  • Five free e-mail addresses.
Technical support
  • Free technical support and 24x7 network monitoring by highly trained staff at 8000-4000. The support team has a Performance Monitoring System, Fault Management System and Ticketing System for continuous monitoring and effective fault resolution.
  • Ability to track online use of the service. Reports are daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Free management of primary and secondary DNS.
  • We offer IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (dual stack).