Cytamobile-Vodafone offers the capability to remotely monitor and control equipment using the mobile phone network (GPRS). Through Machine-to-Machine solutions, Cytamobile-Vodafone guarantees the secure and reliable wireless carriage of your data.

Machine-to Machine solutions offer:

  • Increased Control
    The opportunity to observe and react in real time situations.
  • Saving Time
    Automation of operations and response without human intervention.
  • Preparation for the future
    Machine-to-Machine solutions offer the potential for exploring new opportunities of growth.
Some examples of Machine-to-Machine solutions are:
  • Fleet Management.
  • Remote system for making and receiving orders.
  • Security & Surveillance remote access systems.
  • Metering & Monitoring.
  • Vending Machine Management.



Monthly Subscription

Connection Fee

M2M Common APN

€ 1,12

€ 10,17

M2M Common APN with Voice

€ 3,15

M2M Common APN without VPN

€ 1,12

M2M Common APN Peer to Peer

€ 1,12


Charge for Usage


€ 0,00


€ 1,19


€ 2,81


€ 4,07


€ 6,10




  1. Prices include VAT.
  2. The service requires the creation of an IP-sec tunnel between the customer and Cytamobile-Vodafone’s network through a common APN. The price for this connection fee is €200,00 (VAT is included).

In order for the service to operate, the use of SIM cards to the equipment and the connection of the company’s network to the Cytamobile-Vodafone network are required. All data transfer to and from the equipment, for example cars, is securely and reliably transferred to the company’s network or wherever else the customer indicates. The connection between the company’s network and the Cytamobile-Vodafone network is done via VPN, IP sec tunnel in order to ensure the secure transfer of information.