Sustainable Development

Taking the lead: Cyta drives Cyprus into a digital, sustainable future for the benefit of all!

As one of the first Organisations in Cyprus to embrace the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility by investing in people and working for the benefit of Society and the Environment, we take the next step by placing Sustainable Development at the very core of our business strategy, in a bid to safeguard the prosperity of future generations.

We set out to incorporate even more, higher goals and commitments in the context of our business operation, covering the entire range of sustainability principles (ESG Environment-Society-Governance), and to apply specific actions to maximise our positive impact on the country’s Environment, Society and Economy.

We care about the environment

We care about the environment

Νοιαζόμαστε για την Kοινωνία

We care about the Society

Λειτουργούμε Υπεύθυνα

Corporate Governance

Responsible Operation

ESG Performance

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