Cyta Managed SD-WAN

The networking services of the future are here!

Cyta is the first telecommunications provider in Cyprus to implement complete managed SD-WAN solutions, essential for the digital transformation of your business.

Security & Reliability

The integrated security technology, the ability to monitor the entire network centrally through a smart platform, as well as automatic updates over the cloud offer uninterrupted connectivity, complete security and reliability in every section of your business network.

Easy Management

The entire network is centrally managed by a user-friendly platform, where you can effortlessly set priorities and rules for accessing applications and protocols, saving time and cost.

24hour Technical Support

Your business network is monitored on a 24hour basis by our Technical Support Center, ensuring the uninterrupted operation and availability of your network. Contact the Technical Support Center by phone at 80004000 or by email at

Simplify your business network

Our managed SD-WAN service is a modern solution that offers a smart, reliable and secure WAN network for interconnecting your company sites, and at the same time the capability of secure Internet access from anywhere.

Cyta undertakes the supply, installation, configuration, operation, management and support of the necessary network equipment at your premises.

With Cyta SD-WAN service you experience:

One contact point for your needs in both networking services, as well as in telecommunications equipment.

Zero initial cost since it does not require any initial investment in equipment.

Efficient combination of multiple types of connections, even 3G and 4G for full backup.

Enhanced reliability since Cyta has control over both the network equipment and the equipment on your premises.