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Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

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Double MB on Daily Plan during April, May & June #StaySafe #StayConnected

Pay monthly Classic plan

Pay monthly Classic plan, is built to deliver the best possible way to your own needs.

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  • Services
  • Tariffs & Costs
  • Discount Schemes

Becoming a customer of Cytamobile–Vodafone pay monthly Classic plan is easy. You just have to visit any Cytashop with your Identity Card (if you are not a Cypriot citizen or if you are representing a company, please contact our Call Center at 150 first to find out what you have to bring with you). Just ask for the pay monthly Classic Plan.

Please be aware that you have to be over eighteen (18) years old to sign a contract.

Managing you calls

- Call Transfer
- Call Barring
- Call Waiting & Hold
- Conference Calls
- Voicebox
- Missed Call Notification
- Video-Calls Service

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- MMS Messages
- SMS Text Messages
- Premium SMS

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Other Services & Facilities

- ‘Switch Plan’ Service
- Fax

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» International Roaming

Pay monthly Classic Plan (Including VAT)
Connection Fee 20,69
Monthly Subscription 2,99
Pay monthly Classic (including VAT)
Local Calls
Within Cyta's network 7,50 cent / min
Personal Number (700XXXXX) 10,50 cent / min
Universal Access Service (7777XXXX) 10,50 cent / min
National Freephone Service (800XXXXX) Free
International Freephone Service (8009XXXX) Free
Universal Freephone Service (00800-) 7,38 cent / min
Video - Calls
To Cytamobile-Vodafone 17,85 cent / min

For local calls to:
 - Cyta’s fixed and mobile charging is per 15 seconds.
 - 00800 charging is per second with a minimum charge of 4,07 cent (incl. VAT) with the corresponding call credit.
 - 700/7777 charging is per minute.
For video-calls: charging is per second.

Pay monthly Classic (including VAT)
SMS messages
SMS messages to Local Networks 0,035 / SMS
SMS messages to International Networks 0,065 / SMS
MMS messages
Up to 30kB 0,2034 / MMS
Over 30kB 0,2440 / MMS
MMS activation
Request of mms settings with SMS Free
Deactivate mms settings with SMS Free
Package Monthly subscription Fee for additional use
Mobile Internet 30MB €4     order €2 / 10ΜΒ
Mobile Internet 300MB €9     order €2,50 / 100ΜΒ
Mobile Internet 1GB €15   order €3,50 / 256ΜΒ
Mobile Internet 2GB €22   order €3,50 / 256ΜΒ
Outgoing Calls from the European Union (1st June 2017) 9 cents/ minute

View our International Roaming Charges

Connection Charges

The new discount scheme is addressed to all new Cytamobile-Vodafone customers who are interested in mass pay monthly connections.

The discount scheme is:

Number of new connections Discount Percentage
(on the total for all new connections)
0-15 -
16-50 10%
51-150 20%
151+ 30%

The existing fee is €20,69 (incl. VAT) per connection. (The connection fee for RED plans is free of charge)

Conditions for the provision:

  • The discount scheme applies for new connections within the same month.
  • The discount schemes will be provided only if all the new pay monthly connections are became in same individual or Legal Entity.