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Business Telephony for PBX

A cost effective flexible solution to make the most of your PBX!

Business Telephony for PBX is a flexible and cost effective solution to connect your company’s PBX to Cyta private telephony network instead of the traditional ISDN (basic and primary rate) and PSTN lines which are currently used.

Your company’s voice calls are transferred to Cyta’s private network via SIP protocol, which manages your company’s communication.

The service is used for PBXs with SIP interfaces and ISDN (primary or basic rate) interfaces as well. It also supports great features on top of the ones provided by your PBX such as: Advice of Charge, Fax on Email, Custom Ringback Tone and many others.

Business Telephony for PBX is a reliable service for any size of business. The trust of our numerous customers and Cyta’s brand name provide a proven record of the reliability and the quality of the service.

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Βenefits οf Business Telephony for PBX

Cost savings on the monthly subscription charges
With Business Telephony for PBX you save more on your monthly subscription for your numbers compared to other ways of PBX connectivity.

Free intra company calls
All intra company calls are free of charge, even if they are between different locations.

More features
You have a whole host of great features like Custom Ringback Tones on top of the features provided from your PBX.

Advice of Charge
You can activate Advice of Charge, a feature which provides information on the estimated cost of individual outgoing calls made via your PBX.

More flexibility instantly
With Business Telephony for PBX you can scale up or downsize numbers at any time according to your company’s needs. The service is also ideal if you are moving and want to keep your numbers.

Business Continuity
In case of emergency you can reroute all your incoming calls to an alternative location of your company.

Any company owning a PBX can install Business Telephony for PBX and immediately benefit from the service compared to ISDN.

Prerequisite for connection to the Business Telephony for PBX service is a broadband connection (DSL Access or Ethernet). The capacity of the connection is calculated according to your company’s needs for simultaneous calls.

All intra company calls are free of charge, even if they are between different sites.

If your company doesn’t have a PBX, Cyta can help you save money with Business Telephony. For more details click here.

Βusiness Telephony for PBX vs ISDN

  Business Telephony for PBX ISDN
Savings Savings on monthly subscription and intra company calls. Expensive
Flexibility Add or remove numbers according to your company’s needs. Can’t do
Features Offering features on top of the ones provided from your PBX: Advice of Charge, Telephony on the Go, Custom Ringback Tone. Adding more features is difficult and it takes time
Business Continuity Reroute calls to alternative locations in seconds in case of emergencies. Not possible
Why Business Telephony for PBX from Cyta

The service from Cyta uses two different channels to route voice and data for maximum security and better communication. For the routing of voice Cyta uses its own private IP network to protect your company from external internet threats.

Quality of Service
Cyta’s state of the art network assures the end to end quality of service experience.

Network Redundancy
Cyta network is fully redundant ensuring network availability in case of a network device or path failure and unavailability.

Service Support
You have support from experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel through Cyta's Call Center at 8000-4000.