New Customer

RED/FREEDOM Plan is also available to new customers as well as to pay monthly (Classic) and soeasy pay as you go customers.

The RED/FREEDOM Pay Monthly Plans are available:

  1. With Sim only (without Handset) and 24month or monthly commitment
  2. With Handset and 24month commitment
Connection Fee

Ιf you already have a pay monthly plan (Classic), a soeasy pay as you go customer or a new customer, the connection fee to RED/FREEDOM plan is free of charge.

Constant charge after the exhaustion of available minutes, SMS, MB’s

Local Minutes €0,0964 / minute
Local SMS €0,04 / SMS

Mobile Internet

Plan Total Volume Out of Bundle Charge
RED 1 1GB 50MB / €2,50
RED 2 4GB 256MB / €5
RED Family 300GB 10GB / €10

Minutes – Charging is per 30 seconds
SMS – Charging per message

Basic Monthly Subscription after the end of the monthly/ 24-month Contract
Plan Monthly Subsrciption
RED 1 €14
RED 2 €20
FREEDOM plus €36
FREEDOM max €44
RED Family €80
Local Calls to Cyta’s services
Personal Number (700XXXXX) 10,50 cent / min*
Universal Access Service (7777XXXX) 10,50 cent / min*
National Freephone Service (800XXXXX) Free
International Freephone Service (8009XXXX) Free
Universal Freephone Service (00800-) Free

* Charging is per minute

Free Video Calls minutes for customers with hearing problems

The free local Video Calls minutes are provided automatically to all customers select RED pay monthly plans (with handset or SIM only) & BLACK as below:

Plan Free Video Calls minutes
RED 1 30
RED 2 60

60% discount on the total monthly cost for Video Calls after the exhaustion of free minutes.

The special charges for customers with hearing problems are for Cytamobile-Vodafone customers, who will present a certified disability certificate, with hearing disability of the level of 81 Decibels or greater, in both ears.

Local Calls to other providers
MMS messages Charge
MMS €0,20 / MMS
MMS activation Charge
Request of mms settings with SMS Free
Deactivate mms settings with SMS Free
International Call Rates & SMS
SMS message to all International Networks €0,065 / SMS
100 minutes to European Union countries €5 / month find out more...
200 minutes to European Union countries €10 / month find out more...

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International Roaming
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