The EU regulation for roaming limit continues to apply for countries outside the EU. Υou will receive an SMS or pop up message when your bill reaches €40, and at €50 you will be notified again and the mobile internet service will be interrupted. You can continue using the service by increasing your limit until the end of the month by sending via SMS to 8000:
ON RL 100 to set your limit at €100
ON RL 200 to set limit at €200
ON RL 500 to set limit at €500
ON RL 1500 to set limit at €1500
ON RL 3000 to set limit at €3000

The higher limit for each month has been set at €3000 unless you choose one of the permanent exemption roaming limits. The permanent exemption roaming limits that can be set by calling 132 are €500, €1000, €2500, €5000, €25000

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