Mobile FAQs

General Information

How do I sign up for a new mobile phone plan?
To subscribe to one of Cytamobile-Vodafone’s mobile phone plans, you need to visit a Cytashop or one of the stores on Cyta’s sales network and show your Cypriot Identity Card (nationality: Cypriot). In the case of a company, its legally authorised representative should present his/her Identity Card together with the Certificate of Company Registration and the Certificate of Directors and Secretary.
Foreign nationals wishing to subscribe to one of Cytamobile-Vodafone’s mobile phone plans should present their passport. Citizens of EU member states may also present their national Identity Card.
How can I settle my bill?

You can settle your bill in one of the following six ways:

  • At any Cytashop
  • At any store on the Cyta sales network
  • At any bank
  • Online (
  • By Standing Order
  • At various points (e.g. kiosks) with EasyPay
What should I do if I lose my mobile phone or it is stolen?
If you lose your phone or it is stolen, you should inform us at once on 132 so that we temporarily deactivate your SIM card and thus protect you from being charged for calls that you haven’t made. Your monthly plan will not be terminated unless you ask for this. If you eventually find your phone, you can call us on 132 and we shall reactivate your SIM card. If you don’t find it, you can visit any Cytashop to obtain a new SIM card and reconnect your old number with it, rendering your original one inactive. If your phone is stolen, you need to report the theft to the police as soon as possible, stating the IMEI number if you have noted it, and to make sure that you receive written confirmation of the reported theft. Present the confirmation to the nearest Cytashop. Your IMEI number will at once be placed on a blacklist and recognised as soon as anyone uses your phone.
If your mobile phone is stolen while you are abroad, you should immediately call +357 22 880 100 (the international number for telephone assistance) and report the theft. For 24-hour assistance, call +357 22 880 300.
What should I do if the phone asks me to enter my PUK code?
When you purchase a SIM card there are PIN and PUK code numbers on the packaging. If you lose them you need to call 132 to be given a new PUK and then you can set a new PIN. The PUK will only be given to the owner of the SIM card.
How do I make a call without showing my number?
You can withhold your number selectively by dialling #31# before the number you wish to call. If you want to withhold your number permanently through your mobile phone, you should consult the user manual or call 132 to do this through the network.
On my latest phone bill, my previous bill appears to be unpaid but I have paid it. Why is this?
Check to see if payment was made just before or even after your last bill was printed. If so, it was simply too late to be included. In such a case you can call 132 and find out the precise amount that is outstanding. To be certain that your bill is always paid on time, you should set up a Standing Order with your bank.
How do I change the address to which my bill is sent?
You can register a change of address at any Cytashop or at any store on the Cyta sales network, by calling 132 or by going online, provided that you do not receive an itemised bill for your number. A change of address can be submitted in writing, giving your full name, your mobile phone number, your Identity Card number and, of course, your new billing address.
How do I activate MCN (Missed Call Notification)?
You can activate MCN by texting On MCN to 8000 free of charge (in Cyprus).
Can I use my mobile phone abroad?

Cytamobile–Vodafone offers international roaming in order to keep you in constant touch. As a member of the largest mobile communications family in the world, we provide a user-friendly, enhanced range of mobile services to make your trips abroad even more carefree and enjoyable.
For outgoing calls from abroad you need to dial the code of the country you wish to call, followed by the area code and the telephone number (e.g. to call Cyprus, you dial +357 9 ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ).
If you are a soeasy pay as you go customer, the following information will tell you everything you need to know in order to use your mobile phone abroad. All you need to remember is to have your phone with you! If you are using a direct dialling network , you can make calls exactly as you do in Cyprus. All you need is the correct country code (e.g. to call Cyprus you dial +357 9 ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ). If you are connected to any other network, you will need to dial *111* followed by the country code and telephone number (e.g. to call Cyprus you dial *111*+357 9 ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ).
For others to call you from Cyprus, they simply call your number (e.g. 9 ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ). To call you from another country, they need to dial the country code for Cyprus followed by your number (e.g. +357 9 ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ).
To send text messages (SMS) from abroad to mobile phones using Cyprus networks, just dial the number of the phone to which you wish to send your message (e.g. 9 ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ).
Thanks to the cooperation between Cytamobile - Vodafone and Vodafone, you will benefit from cheaper call rates to selected Vodafone networks when you connect via one of them.

How am I charged when I use my mobile phone abroad?
All Cytamobile-Vodafone subscribers benefit from low rates for traffic generated when they are in a Roaming area (making voice calls, sending SMS/text messages, data transfer/MMS) provided that they are connected to one Vodafone’s selected networks. For the calls you make or receive, you are charged according to the charging zone, the country you are in and the network to which you are connected. For more information, visit and click on International Roaming.
Does soeasy work abroad?
If you are a soeasy pay as you go customer and you wish to make calls when you are abroad, before travelling you should make sure that the country you will be visiting has an International Roaming agreement with Cytamobile-Vodafone. For more information, visit and click on Roaming with soeasy.
How do I find the correct settings for my mobile phone?
If you bought your phone from a store on the Cytamobile-Vodafone sales network (Cytashops & partner stores) it is most likely that all the right settings are already in place. If you are unable to send MMS or to use the Internet, text On MMS to 8000 (free of charge) and you will be sent the relevant settings (they apply to most phones). Alternatively, visit and change your phone settings manually.
How do I activate/deactivate welcome tones?
You can activate/deactivate welcome tones either via or through your phone itself. If you are a registered My Account user you can manage it through this service. You also have the option of activating/deactivating the service by texting On WT or Off WT to 7122 or dialling *122# on your mobile. Finally, you can also visit with your phone by using mobile internet.
If I receive a call from a withheld number, is there a way of finding out who is calling?
Waiving the right to communication privacy is possible in the context of the relevant legislation. For more information, visit any Cytashop.
What can I do if there is a network coverage problem in my area?
You will need to inform us about this by visiting any Cytashop or calling 132 so that we can check to see if there is broader problem in your area and work out how to resolve it.
How do I activate Call Forwarding and how much will I be charged for this service?
With Call Forwarding you can transfer the calls you receive to any telephone number in Cyprus. There are four different types of Call Forwarding, and according to the type, you will use the relevant code to activate/deactivate the service. You can find more information on the website under "Mobiles Plans > Additional Mobile Services > Managing your calls > Call Trasfer". If you have activated Call Forwarding to another number, you will be charged exactly as if you are making the call from your number to the one to which you have forwarded it. Mobile phone networks do not support SMS/MMS Forwarding.
How do I activate my Voicemail?
You can activate Voicemail through call forwarding on your phone menu. For more information, consult your mobile phone user manual or call 132.
How can I listen to my Voicemail messages from another telephone?
By dialling 123 and your mobile number from any phone, you can connect to your Voicemail. To hear your messages you should interrupt the recorded messages by pressing # followed by your Voicemail password and # again.
How do I activate/deactivate Call Barring for 900 numbers?
You can activate/deactivate Call Barring for 900 numbers by calling 132 or by visiting any Cytashop.
How can I obtain the latest Firmware for my phone?
Firmware comes exclusively from the phone manufacturers and so any updates are made available via their official websites or the PC Suites that come with their handsets. You can contact the manufacturer of your phone for more details.
Why does the strength of my mobile phone signal fluctuate?
The distance between you and the antenna that transmits the signal has a direct effect on the strength of your mobile phone signal. The further away from the transmitter you are, the weaker the signal becomes until you connect to another antenna that is closer to you.
Why can’t I make a call?
When you can’t make a call, the most likely reason is that outgoing call barring has been activated on your phone, either through the menu or due to an unpaid bill. If neither of these applies, you should call 132 so that a more detailed check can be carried out on your connection.
I can’t send text messages (SMS). What should I do?
If you are unable to send text messages (SMS) from your mobile phone, you need to check its SMS settings and make sure that the number of the message centre is +35799700000.
I can’t send MMS. What should I do?
If you are unable to send ΜMS from your mobile phone, you need to check its MMS settings and to make sure that the APN is cytamobile (written in lower case). For more information about MMS settings, visit (tab Messaging) or call 132.
How can I get an itemised bill?
Go with your Identity Card to any store on the Cyta sales network and ask to receive an itemised bill.
How can I prevent the receipt of messages from Third Parties?
You can do this by texting OFF LISTS to 8888.
How can I activate a new soeasy connection?
You can activate a new soeasy connection by calling 1882 on your mobile and following the instructions.
How can I transfer my number from another provider to Cytamobile-Vodafone?
To transfer your number to the Cytamobile-Vodafone network, you can visit any store on the Cyta sales network with your Identity Card, your SIM card and a copy of the last bill you received from the other company. If your connection with the other company is prepaid, all you need is your Identity Card and SIM card.
How do I check my bill?
You can check the current amount of your bill for calls made until now by calling 80006090 (free of charge).
How do I check the balance of my soeasy connection?
You can find out your soeasy balance by dialling *110# on your mobile.
How can I top up my soeasy balance?
You can add to your soeasy balance by calling 1882 on your mobile phone and following the instructions.
How do I terminate my connection?
If for any reason you wish to terminate your connection, you need to call 132 or visit any store on the Cyta sales network with your Identity Card.
My SIM card has been destroyed/lost. What should I do?
If you are a Cytamobile-Vodafone monthly plan customer, you should visit any store on the Cyta sales network with your Identity Card and ask for a replacement SIM card. If you are a soeasy pay as you go customer, you should follow the same procedure, except that you need the password that was given to you with your connection pack.
How do I transfer my Contacts from my old phone to the new one?
There are several ways of transferring your Contacts from one mobile phone to another, the most popular method being to copy them to a computer and then transferring them to the new phone. If you have difficulties with the process, you can visit any store on the Cyta sales network and ask for assistance from Customer Service.
What is the ICCID and where can I find it?
Every SIM card is internationally identified by a unique number, the ICCID (integrated circuit card identifier) which is stored on the SIM card and printed on the actual card during manufacture. This identifying number is also printed in the letter containing passwords that is printed with every new connection or change of SIM card.
Where can I find my phone’s IMEI number?
The IMEI number is printed under the phone battery and on the phone packaging. It also appears onscreen when you dial *#06#. We recommend that you make a note of your phone’s IMEI number because you will need it if you lose your phone.
What can I do if I receive nuisance calls on my mobile phone?
If you receive nuisance calls on your phone, you can report the fact to the police and, with the receipt from your report, lodge a complaint at any Cytashop and request the identification of whoever is behind the nuisance calls.
What should I do if I want to change my mobile phone number?
You can change your mobile number by calling 132 or visiting any store on the Cyta sales network.
Why does my mobile phone signal keep changing (eg 3G/H+/4G/5G). What should I do to keep it, for example, on 4G?

The reason your signal changes is because your mobile is set to "Automatic network selection", which ensures that your mobile will always connect to the fastest possible network based on your location. You can change the type of network via your phone settings. For example, to “lock” the 4G network, select 4G ONLY.

What should I do to change my soeasy subscription to a monthly plan and vice-versa?
If you are a Cytamobile-Vodafone customer and you wish to change from soeasy pay as you go to a monthly plan or vice-versa, you can do this quickly and easily without having to change your number. All you need to do is visit any store on the Cytamobile-Vodafone sales network with your Identity Card or driving licence.
How can I contact Customer Service while abroad?
From abroad you can call Customer service on +357 22 880 132.