Cyta Rewards FAQs

Cyta Rewards

What is Cyta Rewards?

Cyta Rewards is the Reward scheme for our customers, which offers gifts and unique rewards!

  • Every time you pay your bill you are rewarded with Stars who can be redeemed for gifts, discounts and offers from Rewards Shop
  • You Participate in draws for big prizes
  • You 'Shake it' to win gifts, Stars, draw tickets and offers
  • You Complete Missions and other actions to get even more!
Who can participate in Cyta Rewards?

Cyta Rewards will be accessible to all our customers with Mobile, Fixed Telephony, Internet and Cytavision services. Business customers can also participate.

How can I get into Cyta Rewards?

To be able to enter Cyta Rewards you must first download My Cyta app on your smartphone and register. When you log in to the app, simply select Cyta Rewards on the main page of the app and a unique world of gifts is waiting for you! Alternatively, you can also access Cyta Rewards from the Cyta website by registering on My Cyta and following the link you will find on your personal My Cyta page.

Do I need to register for Cyta Rewards?

As of the introduction of Cyta Rewards, the reward with Stars for the payment of each of your bills begins. You do not need any registration in the Scheme. However, you need to download the My Cyta app to see your Stars balance, redeem your Stars for gifts, participate in the Grand Draws, Shake it to win more and much more!

What are Stars and how can I collect them?

Stars are the "currency" of Cyta Rewards. You earn Stars by paying your bills, by Shake it and by other activities within Cyta Rewards. Your Stars can be used to pick up gifts from the Rewards shop and redeem them for Grand Prize Draws entries.

How do I redeem Stars?

Redeem your Stars simply and quickly at the Rewards Shop and by participating in the Grand Draws.

If I pay my bill late, or from another service point other than Cyta, will I still be able to be rewarded with Stars?

Yes! From any point of service and to pay your bill (electronically, via bank transfer, at the counters of Cyta stores and our associates), even after the deadline, you will be rewarded with the corresponding Stars.

How many Stars do I get when I pay my bill?

For every €1 of payment, you will be rewarded with 1 Star.

How do I manage my Stars?

You will be able to manage your Stars from the My Cyta app by selecting Cyta Rewards on the main page. By clicking on your Stars balance you will see the page with the history of your transactions with Stars.

What will I benefit from redeeming my Stars?

The rewards of the loyalty scheme can vary from:

  • Benefits and Discounts on Cyta Services,
  • Gift vouchers for purchases of smartphones, wearables and accessories
  • Tickets to concerts, waterparks, etc.
  • Discounts in restaurants and shops
  • Discounts for air tickets, hotel stays
  • Sport Rewards and more!

Just visit the Rewards Shop to see all the prizes.
The Rewards Shop is constantly updated so don't forget to visit it often!

How long will my Stars be valid for?

All the Stars you will collect in 2023 will have an expiration date of 31/12/2024 so that you have time to redeem them and not lose them. The same will apply to the Stars you will be collecting in the coming years.

How will I know how many Stars I have?

You can easily and quickly find out your Stars balance from the main screen of the My Cyta app and from the main page of Cyta Rewards.

How long will the offers be at the Rewards Shop?

The offers and gifts at the Rewards Shop, as well as their validity period, vary. You can easily click on the offer you are interested in the Rewards Shop and you will find the description and terms that apply in detail in each case. When you get the offer, the remaining days to use the gift will be indicated. Also, on the main page of Cyta Rewards, if you have pending gifts, a special indication will appear so that you do not forget to redeem them!

The mobile is not in my name. Can I redeem Stars?

If an individual customer has more than one mobile phone, then each mobile user can download the My Cyta app and register with his mobile number. In this case all mobiles collect Stars in a joint account and all users can redeem Stars from this account. The owner of the mobile phones will have the flexibility to adjust the capabilities of the users from the Preferences page in Cyta Rewards.

What is Shake it?

"Shake it" is another reason not to forget to join Cyta Rewards often! Every month you will have the opportunity to "shake" your mobile phone and win! And you can do it 4 times every month! Stars, Draw tickets, offers and Star booster cards are some of the prizes you can win! As soon as you select Cyta Rewards on the main page of the app and get to Cyta Rewards, 'Shake it' will appear on your screen. Shake your phone to reveal what you've won!

I get a gift every time I use Shake it and what can I get?

Yes! Every time you will win a gift or an offer! You can win additional Stars, Draw tickets, offers and Star booster cards to win more Stars and much more which will vary frequently!

Can I use my Stars for purchases from a store or online store?

Your Stars can be used to get a reward from the Rewards Shop or redeemed to get more Draw tickets.

How can I get my reward?

If you have gotten a reward from a partner company you can show the gift code at the point of sale or on the company's website depending on the terms of each reward that will be listed on the electronic coupon. If the reward concerns gift vouchers from Cyta Stores you can use it at any Cyta Store or on the website. If the reward concerns discounts on Cyta services then the discount will be applied on monthly bill of the month in which you have gotten the reward.

It's been an hour since I paid my bill and I haven't gotten my Stars.

Payments are processed on a daily basis, so your Stars will appear in your balance on the day after payment.

Can I transfer my Stars to another customer?

No, you cannot transfer your Stars to another customer but you can get a reward from the Rewards Shop by redeeming them and send the reward to a friend or family member. In the electronic coupon of the reward there is a relevant link that by selecting you can send the reward.

I will transfer my number to another person, what about my Stars?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your Stars if the number is transferred to another customer. So it's best to redeem them before the transfer to get your gifts.

How do I invite my friends to Cyta Rewards?

You have the opportunity to invite your friends and family members to Cyta Rewards and be rewarded. You can refer Cyta Rewards by sharing your personal referral code that you will find on the relevant page. The more you invite, the more the reward will be!