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Call Center: 132
P.O.Box 24755, CY-1303 Lefkosia
Tax Code:
Invoice Date: 31-01-2023

Your bill for March 2023

  Previous bills at 07/02/22 XX,XX [X]
  Overdue due - payable immediately  
  Monthly charges €XX,XX  
  Discounts -€XX,XX  
  Total excluding VAT €XX,XX  
  VAT €XX,XX  
  Charge for the month €XX,XX [X]

Total amount
  Payable by 30/04/23  
  See breakdown in following pages    
Amount payable by direct debit € XX,XX [X]
  Amount payable in cash or online € XX,XX [X]
Customer details
Customer No.: XXXXXXX
Customer name:
Bill No:
Invoice No:

Broadband Telephony



Cytamobile-Vodafone [30] 9XXXXXXX [3]
Portability Authentication Code: XXXXXXXX
- Mobile plan ex. Classic - Connection XX,XX  
- Mobile plan ex. FREEDOM - Subscription XX,XX  
- Handset Installment XX,XX  
Monthly Charges XX,XX  
- International roaming X,XX  
- International calls or SMS X,XX  
- Other calls & charges for Cyta Services X,XX  
- Calls to other Providers’ Services X,XX  
- Local calls or SMS to Cyta or Other provides mobile phones X,XX  
- Local calls to Cyta's or other providers fixed phones X,XX  
- Mobile Internet X,XX  
Call Charges XX,XX  
- Mobile Business Saver - 15% Discount -X,XX  
Discounts -X,XX  
Total excluding VAT XX,XX  
VAT €XX,XX @ 19% XX,XX  
Total Amount Payable XX,XX [X]





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Consolidated Bill Total Amounts €   
Monthly Charges XX,XX  
Call Charges XX,XX  
Discounts -XX,XX  
Total excluding VAT XX,XX  
Total Amount Payable XX,XX  
Amount payable by direct debit XX,XX [X]
Amount payable in cash or online XX,XX [X]
  • You may settle your bill at any cytashop and commercial banks, via the bank's online services and through the internet at Cytas's web page
  • You may join the automatic settlement system by order to your bank or at any cytashop.
  • If you would like to settle all the bills of the customer “XXXXXXXXXXXX” with a single order, please enter the customer number XXXXXXXXXX [X] on the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate.
  • «Other Calls & Charges for Cyta Services» include calls to 11892 and calls that are connected via 11892, calls to four-digit numbers, single number service (7777), personal number service (700), voicemail and activation/deactivation of facilities.
    «Calls to Alternative Provider's Services»
    include calls made to similar services provided by alternative fixed or mobile telephony providers.
  • Bills that are paid by cheque will not be considered as settled until the cheque is cleared.