Cytavision via TV App - General Questions

Why Cytavision TV App?
It allows immediate activation of the service (no equipment installation required), upon request and if internet service is available.
It provides flexibility to use - direct access from the smart TV you want, without wiring.
Provides flexible portability and use in another house/city (subject to conditions)
Works with any internet provider – and in EU countries (provided you are a permanent resident of Cyprus).
How can I download Cytavision TV App?

Cytavision via TV App is available in three versions depending on the type of Smart TV:

Android app: for Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Sharp available on Google Play Store
Samsung app: available on the Samsung App Store
LG App: available on the LG Content Store

Instructions for activating the application on Samsung, LG & Google Playstore as well as instructions on how to locate your TV model can be found here.

Where can I find the Username and Password that the Cytavision TV App asks me for?
They will be given to you at the Cytashop when you apply for the provision of the service and/or will be sent to you at the email address you have given during your application, upon completion of the order.
What is the Trial Package?
It is the trial package consisting of 30 channels from all categories (news, cypriot/greek, children's, documentaries, movies, etc.) Every new customer of the Cytavision TV App service has the right to activate the Trial Package free of charge for three months. At the end of the three months, if the customer does not terminate the Trial Package they will automatically be transferred to the Value package of the service and the corresponding monthly fee will be charged. You can find more information about the packages and their prices here.  
How many devices can be connected to my Cytavision TV App subscription?
You can connect one smart TV device and three mobile devices.
Are the same packages/channels included in the Cytavision TV App as the set-top box?
If you are a Cyta internet customer, all the packages/channels are available. If you are a customer of another internet provider, you can choose any packages/add-ons apart from the Variety package.
Can I have Cytavision via set-top box and via TV App simultaneously?
Yes, but they are two separate services with different subscription fees. Find more information about the packages and their prices here
I am a Cytavision subscriber with STB. Do I have to terminate my STB subscription and subscribe with the Cytavision TV App?
 At present it is not mandatory to switch to Cytavision via TV App.
What is the difference between Cytavision TV App and CytavisionGo?
Cytavision via TV App allows you to enjoy Cytavision on your smart TV. CytavisionGο is the application for your mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, PC). Content in each application may vary. More information can be found here.
Can I use my Cytavision TV App abroad or at my holiday home?
Yes, you can use your Cytavision subscription within the EU and at your holiday home as long as there is no other viewing at another premise.
How can I use my subscription anywhere?
You can use your Cytavision TV App subscription anywhere if you have stopped viewing at the last smart devise. Τhe service works on more than one smart TV, as long as no other TV is working in another premise, or when all TVs are working on the same fixed or mobile network.
If I don't have a smart TV or a compatible smart TV for the Cytavision TV App, how can I use the service?
If you don’t have a smart TV or your smart TV is not compatible with Cytavision TV App you can buy an Android box from our Cytashops or from Cyta’s partners. You can find more information here.
Can I use simultaneously CytavisionGo and Cytavision TV App?
What can I do if I want to watch simultaneously on several TVs?
Additional viewing add-on is available for a fee. Find more information here.
What is UHD add-on pack and how is it provided?
The UHD package includes channels that broadcast in ultra-high definition.
UHD pack (Ultra High Definition) is offered as an add on package only in combination with the International Sports Content add-on. You can activate it through the application or by calling 132.
Which remote can I use for the Cytavision TV App?
The remote control of your Smart TV.
How can I activate adult package/channels?
You can watch adult content only with STB.
Is Cytavision TV App available for Public packages.
Cytavision TV App is available only for customers with Cytavision home packages.
If there is any branching with additional equipment (e.g. switches, routers, etc.) between the point where the smart TV is installed and my modem, will the operation of the service be affected?
Additional equipment does not affect the operation of the service. All you need is internet access with satisfactory download speed. In case you have concurrent views (smart TVs), you should use them on the same connection.