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International Roaming

Travelling abroad

Travelling abroad

With Cytamobile - Vodafone, staying in touch while travelling abroad is easy.

What you will pay when you are abroad
See how much it will cost you to call, text or use the internet while you are travelling abroad. Just pick the country you are going to and your plan and then click Check Roaming Charges.

» New lower prices for Vodafone Passport as of 1/8/16

Vodafone Passport

Feel relaxed when you call from abroad

When roaming in an EU+ country you can now use Vodafone Passport to enjoy longer calls! All you have to remember is a fixed charge per call and a per minute tariff.

Vodafone Passport

Travelling around the world

With Cytamobile - Vodafone we offer you roaming services so that you can always stay in touch wherever you are.As part of the largest mobile communications family worldwide, we provide you with easier access to an enriched portfolio of mobile telecom services making your traveling experience even more enjoyable and hassle-free.

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Mobile Internet abroad

See how you can use Mobile Internet
from abroad

Mobile Internet Roaming

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