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Additional Mobile Services

Additional Mobile Services

Cytamobile - Vodafone offers you a series of advanced, yet easy to use, services. These services are continuously improved to cover your mobile telecommunication needs both in a personal and professional level.

  • Managing your calls
  • Messaging
  • Other Mobile Services & Facilities

When connecting with Cytamobile-Vodafone, you have automatic access to a wide spectrum of network services.

When you receive a call, the incoming caller’s number appears on your mobile phone display. Call Identification is possible in cases where the incoming call is from another mobile phone or from fixed phone within Cyprus and as long as the caller has not activated the Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR).

Use CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction) when you prefer to “hide” your number or the number of the person calling you!

CLIR is available in three versions:

  • CLIR per call - “Hide'' your number before each call by dialing #31# [telephone number].
  • Permanent CLIR - “Hide'' your number for all the calls you make.
  • Incoming CLIR - “Hide'' all incoming telephone numbers.

CLIR per call is offered to you without an application.

Permanent CLIR and Incoming CLIR are provided after submitting an application and are available only to customers of the pay monthly plans (not to soeasy customers) .

All three versions of CLIR are free of charge.

Call Transfer

With this facility, which allows you to forward your calls to your Voicebox or to any other phone (mobile or fixed) in Cyprus, you can be certain not to miss any incoming calls.

You have 4 Call Forwarding options:

  • on no reply
  • when your mobile phone cannot be reached (it is switched off, or you are out of the coverage area)
  • when your line is busy
  • always and unconditionally (all calls are forwarded) How to program Call Forwarding to your Voicebox

How to program Call Forwarding to your Voicebox

Options Activation Deactivation
On no reply *61*1239XXXXXXX# OK #61# OK

When your mobile phone cannot be reached *62*1239XXXXXXX# OK #62# OK
When your line is busy *67*1239XXXXXXX# OK #67# OK
Always and unconditionally *21*1239XXXXXXX# OK #21# OK

How to program Call Forwarding to a fixed telephone

Options Activation Deactivation
On no reply *61*2XXXXXXX# OK #61# OK
When your mobile phone cannot be reached *62*2XXXXXXX# OK #62# OK
When your line is busy *67*2XXXXXXX# OK #67# OK
Always and unconditionally *21*2XXXXXXX# OK #21# OK

How to program Call Forwarding to another mobile phone

Options Activation Deactivation
On no reply *61*9ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ# ΟΚ #61# ΟΚ
When your mobile phone cannot be reached *62*9XXXXXXX# OK #62# OK
When your line is busy *67*9XXXXXXX# OK #67# OK
Always and unconditionally *21*9XXXXXXX# OK #21# OK

soeasy customers can only forward their calls to their Voicebox

  • You can activate simultaneously up to the first three Call Forwarding options. The last option (always and unconditionally) overrules all the others.
  • Where XXXXXXXX is the telephone number to which you wish your calls to be forwarded.
  • You can also activate/deactivate the service through your mobile phone menu.
Anonymous Call Reject

There is the capability of rejecting calls made from anonymous numbers via the Anonymous Call Reject service.

Selective Call Rejection

With Selective Call Rejection you can specify up to 5 numbers and block all their incoming calls.

Call Barring

Call Barring enables you to restrict incoming and outgoing calls.

You have 5 options with Call Barring:

Barring Options Activation Deactivation
All outgoing calls *33*Barring password# OK #33*Barring password# OK
All incoming calls *35*Barring password# OK #35*Barring password# OK
All outgoing international calls *331*Barring password# OK #331*Barring password# OK
All incoming calls when you are abroad *351*Barring password# OK #351*Barring password# OK
All outgoing international calls, except for those destined to Cyprus, whilst you are abroad *332*Barring password# OK #332*Barring password# OK

  • The barring password for pay monthly plans appears on your customer letter and for the soeasy pay as you go plans, on the scratch card with the secret codes and numbers respectively.
  • You can also activate/deactivate the service through your mobile phone menu.
Call Waiting & Hold

Call Waiting - When you are already talking on the phone and there is a second call on the line, a characteristic tone and a message on your mobile phone display informs you of the second call:

  • To end the second call and continue your current conversation, enter 0 and press OK
  • To answer the second call thus ending your current conversation, enter 1 and press OK

Call Hold - When you are already talking, you can put the call on hold and answer or make a second call:

  • To put the current call on hold, enter 2 and press OK
  • To switch between the two calls, enter 2 and press OK

In order to be in a position to use the service, you should activate it first:

  • Activation of Call Waiting & Call Hold, enter * 43 # and press OK
  • Deactivation of Call Waiting & Call Hold, enter # 43 # and press OK

You can also activate/deactivate the service through your mobile phone menu.

Conference Calls

The Conference Calls service enables you to communicate with up to 5 people simultaneously, via your mobile phone. This service will be of great use to professionals, since it eliminates the need for arranging meetings, therefore saving them valuable time.

How to use the service:

  1. Make or accept call.
  2. During the call put the other party on hold.
  3. Make or accept another call.
  4. Put the calls in conference, using the appropriate function key on your mobile phone.
  5. Follow steps 2 to 4 for any additional person you wish to join the conference call.

The Voicebox is your personal answering machine on a 24-hour basis. It may store up to 20 messages. The use of the Voicebox is straightforward as there are recorded instructions to guide you through.

How to call your Voicebox to listen to your messages

From your mobile phone (easy access):

  • Enter 123 OK

From a fixed phone or any other mobile phone:

  1. Enter 123 XXXXXXXX OK
  2. Press # to skip the greeting message
  3. Enter Voicebox password #

How to call directly another Voicebox to leave a message

From any phone


  • Where XXXXXXXX is the telephone number to which you wish to leave a message.
  • The Voicebox password appears in your letter.
  • Whilst you hear one message you can skip it to move to the next message by pressing #.
  • Even if you do not hear your new messages, these will remain in your Voicebox for up to 6 days.
  • The messages you have heard but not deleted remain in your Voicebox for up to 24 hours from the  time you heard them.
  • The messages you have heard and saved remain in your Voicebox for up to 5 days from the time of saving.

How do you know that you have new messages

A text message appears on your mobile phone display (SMS notification). If you do not hear your messages within the next 25 minutes, then you will receive up to two notification calls as a reminder: the first call 5 minutes after the text message and the second call 20 minutes following the first.

  • If you are outside the coverage area, or if your mobile phone is switched off, you will receive the text message as soon as you enter the coverage area, or as soon as, you switch on your mobile phone, provided that you do this no later than 72 hours from the time the new message was sent.
  • If you are abroad, you will only receive a text message.
  • You can deactivate the receipt of a text message and/or calls notifying you of a new message in your Voicebox by following the Voicebox recorded instructions.

The first time you call your Voicebox

Immediately after you hear the greeting message, following the recorded instructions, you can:

  • record your personal greeting message
  • set a new Voicebox password
  • select the language in which you wish to hear the Voicebox recorded instructions.

The Voicebox recorded instructions

Process Messages Menu - 1

  • Repetition of message - 1
  • Deletion of message & next - 2
  • Save of message & next - 3
  • Hearing of date, time & caller of message - 5
  • Deletion of all messages - # (when you have heard all messages)
  • Retrieval of deleted messages # (when you have deleted all the messages)
  • Help - 0
  • Return to the Main Menu - *

While you hear a message, you may:

  • Interrupt it & move to the next one - #
  • Move it back by 5 seconds - 7
  • Pause it for 60 seconds - 8
  • Move it forward by 5 seconds - 9

Voicebox Settings Menus

Voicebox Settings Menu for Basic Use – 7

  • Change of language - 1
  • Recording of personal greeting - 2
  • Recording of name - 3
  • Change of Voicebox password - 4
  • Help - 0
  • Return to the Main Menu - *

Voicebox Settings Menu for Advanced Use – 8

  • Personal greeting options - 1
  • Personal options (Voicebox password, change of language etc.) - 2
  • SMS notification options - 3
  • Return to the Main Menu - *
  • Help in the Main Menu - 0
  • Interruption - *
Missed Call Notification

With the service Video-Call service the all Cytamobile-Vodafone customers (Pay monthly and soeasy pay as you go) have the opportunity to communicate with sound and picture in real time. That is to say, they can see the person they are talking to, live on the screen of their 3G mobile phone even if they are far apart.

Local Video-Calls
In order to use the Video-Call service, both parties must use a 3G mobile phone and be within the Cytamobile-Vodafone 3G network coverage area. The service does not need to be activated.

International Video-Calls
The Video-Call service is available and to International destinations with which exists special agreement. Pay Monthly ans soeasy pay as you go indicant video call rate is 62,99 cent/minute, including VAT. Charging is per second without a minimum charge. The charge is flat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Video-Calls Roaming
When you travel abroad, the service is available for Pay monthly and soeasy pay as you go customers, in countries and networks with which exists an International Roaming Agreement for Video-Calls. Video-Calls from abroad will be charged the same as voice calls.

MMS Messages
SMS Messages

How to send

  • From the MESSAGES menu select the COMPOSE MESSAGE option.
  • Type in the message (up to 160 characters depending on the coding scheme used by the mobile phone) and press OK.
  • Enter the number to which the message is being sent and press OK.

If the person you are sending the message to has his/her mobile phone switched off or is out of the coverage area, then he/she will receive it as soon as he/she is re-connected with the network, provided that this will happen within 72 hours from the time the message was sent. If the recipient is unreachable for more than 72 hours the message will be permanently deleted.

Please note that the character length of the message depends on the coding scheme (alphabet) used by the phone. For example, to send lower case Greek character the phone must be set up to use Unicode and not the GSM alphabet in which case the message can be 70 characters and not 160.

160 characters per SMS may make you feel that it is difficult to express yourself…
Here are a few tips on how to use punctuation marks and abbreviations that can help you make your short messages fun click here.

Service centre

If you cannot send a text message, then make sure that the number at the service centre option in your mobile´s Messages menu is +35799700000.

Premium SMS

SMS services

There are two types of SMS services available:

1. Services for which the subscriber is charged when sending the message.

The subscriber sends a message to a specific code (Short code) to obtain the desired information. Every time the subscriber sends a message to the specific short code s/he is being charged.

2. Services for which the subscriber is charged when receiving the message (Subscription services).

The subscriber activates the service and s/he is being charged for the messages s/he receives.

Activation can be done with one of the following ways:

  • via SMS: the registration is completed when the subscriber sends a confirmation message to the relevant short code.
  • through the website of the company: the registration is completed when the subscriber enters the PIN code in the relevant website.

Important information:

  • Do not enter your mobile number on a web site, without having first carefully read the terms and conditions of the service. Advertisements that communicate free offers or participation to contests, may result to a subscription.
  • Read carefully all the terms of the advertisement so to learn if it is a subscription service or a service that is completed in more than 1 SMS, etc.
  • A common model of SMS service is the subscription service for which you may pay per week, in order to receive wallpapers, or to enjoy lower prices for ringtones. The subscription models may vary per Provider.
  • There are services for which you will be charged either when sending a message or when receiving the message. The second case concerns the subscription services. So, there are cases that when you register in a subscription service, you will be charged upon receipt of the message. In any case the cost communicated in the advertisement is the cost that the subscriber will be charged, regardless whether the mobile operator charges the incoming or outgoing SMS.

Barring services

The barring facility is an access control mechanism to content services, offered via cybee or via the Third Party Premium Messaging service, available to Cytamobile-Vodafone customers.

It is available to all Cytamobile-Vodafone customers (pay monthly plans and soeasy).

The barring facility allows Cytamobile-Vodafone customers to:

  1. Block and Unblock all four-digit numbers (1000-9999).
  2. Block and Unblock a range of numbers (6000-6999).

Barring is offered for free.
A charge of €1 plus VAT is applied for either unblocking:

  • all four-digit numbers or
  • each range of numbers

Code of conduct

Within the self-regulatory framework of the mobile telecommunications sector and with the purpose to actively participate in the proper use of value added services by the customers that these services are addressed to (for example content services, videos, MMS), the telecommunications companies Cyta and MTN have jointly signed the “The Cyprus mobile operators Code of Practice for the responsible and secure use of mobile services”, which concerns mainly adult content services.

Cyta and MTN continue to work on the further improvement of this Code of Conduct, taking into consideration the related industry developments in the European market. Within this framework, Cyta and other European mobile telecommunications and content provider companies, with the intermediation of the European Commission, signed on February 2007, a European ”Memorandum for safer mobile use by children and young teenagers”. Within the framework of this agreement, the telecommunications companies of Cyprus that operate mobile services have incorporated the European Memorandum to the existing local Code.

Review the most recent edition of the Code

Monthly Usage Limit

The Monthly Usage Limit service provides you with the ability to set a monthly limit of use for your mobile pay monthly plan so that you can have better control of your bill.

Description Charges Charging Period

Note: Prices include VAT.

Provision/ Usage Instructions

The first time you request the service you must visit one of our cytashops in person, since the signing of an application form is required.

The Monthly Usage Limit may be programmed in one of the following ways:

  • receive a warning SMS with the limit of your bill,
  • receive a warning SMS and once the limit of your bill is reached your pay monthly plan is temporarily disconnected (not valid for RED plan customers),
  • once the limit of your bill is reached your pay monthly plan is temporarily disconnected without any warning messages (not valid for RED plan customers).

To reconnect your pay monthly plan after a temporary disconnection, you will be charged with a reconnection fee.

Since the processing of call data for billing purposes is carried out periodically and not in real time, there is a possibility that the amount of your monthly bill may exceed the pre-set user limit. Expensive calls to premium numbers, sending/receiving of text messages to/from 4-digit numbers may put you over your limit and with this in mind we recommend that for additional protection you make use of the barring and coded barring services. Also, the Monthly User Limit does not usually include all charges incurred by the use of mobile phones when abroad, due to the delay by foreign networks in sending international roaming call information to Cyta for the relevant charges to be levied.

Money Transfer

Use the soeasy Money Transfer service, to transfer money from your soeasy account to another soeasy account!

Dial #105#, select the amount you want to transfer (€2 or €3) and insert the soeasy account to which you want to transfer the money.

After completing this process, you will receive a confirmation message that the transaction has successfully been completed.

You may use the service up to 10 times a month. The first five times are free of charge, while the next 5 times will be charged with €0,25 per transfer. The amount will be deducted from the soeasy account that transfers the money.

The amount transferred is not regarded as a top-up and as result, it does not affect the validity period of the soeasy account to which the money has been transferred. Therefore, the validity period of the most recent top-up still applies. To extend your validity period you are advised to top-up your soeasy.

Call me back

A new service to make life easier for our soeasy customers is the “Call me back” service. If you run out of airtime and you need to contact someone urgently you can ask them to “Call me back”. All you have to do is press #120#. Soon, you will receive a text message asking you to dial the mobile number of the person you want to contact, if he/she has a Cytamobile-Vodafone connection.

After that, the particular person will receive a text message on his/her mobile phone
“Please Call me back at:XXXXXXXX

Switch Plan

The new ‘Switch Plan’ service is offered to all of you who wish to switch between Cytamobile-Vodafone plans. If you are a Cytamobile-Vodafone customer and you wish to change your soeasy pay as you go plan into a pay monthly plan or vice versa you can do it easily and quickly without changing your number. All you have to do is visit any of our Sales Network shops having your passport or I.D. with you and go for it!

Rates (inc. VAT)
Switch from pay monthly to soeasy pay as you go €20,34
(with €5 free airtime)
Switch from soeasy pay as you go
to pay monthly (Classic & MakeYourOwn)

1 connection, 5 SIM cards

You can now use all your devices simultaneously with a single connection!

In addition to the SIM card that comes with your pay monthly plan, MultiSIM lets you obtain up to 4 more SIM cards.

  • Talk, text and surf on two devices at the same time
    You can call, text or go online with two mobile phones at the same time. All you need is a second SIM card which you will use in your second mobile phone.

    You will receive calls and text messages on only one of the two mobile phones which you can activate as follows:
    • Press *103# on the mobile phone on which you wish to receive calls and text messages
    • Press *104# on the mobile phone that you are already using, so as to activate the second one and deactivate the first.
    Each of your two SIM cards can have its own additional services, such as call barring/debarring, call forwarding, call waiting, missed call notification, welcome tones and ringtones.
  • Share your MB on all your devices
    You can go online and spread the volume of Mobile Internet (MB) included in your pay monthly plan among your Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop. All you have to do is obtain up to three more SIM cards, in addition to your second one, exclusively for Mobile Internet usage.

MultiSIM requires a connection with one of the following Cytamobile-Vodafone pay monthly plans:

  • RED or
  • Classic or
  • Make Your Own.

It is important that you keep all your SIM cards in your possession, since they can be used simultaneously. You may need to restart the devices in which they have been placed.

How much does MultiSIM cost?
Second SIM card (for calls, text messages and Mobile Internet)
Mobile Internet SIM card (up to 3)

(The first SIM card comes with your initial connection with any
Cytamobile-Vodafone pay monthly plan: RED, MakeYourOwn, Classic)

€8,33 for each SIM card
Monthly Subscription
Second SIM card (for calls, text messages and Mobile Internet) €2,50
Mobile Internet SIM card (up to 3) €2 for each SIM card
Switching between SIM cards Free
Replacement SIM card €2,50

The above prices include VAT.

More Information

  • Each SIM card has its own PIN, PUK and Serial Number, which are provided with the service.
  • The Telephone Directory and the SMS & MMS Inbox are separate for each SIM card.
  • GPRS and MMS settings must be entered separately for each SIM card and each device.
  • For security reasons, simultaneous Internet access on more than two devices is not possible when the customer is abroad. Furthermore, the simultaneous use of SIM cards for Mobile Internet on different networks is not allowed.



By connecting your mobile phone to a portable computer you may send and receive fax messages. For receiving fax messages you are given an additional telephone number.

To benefit from the Fax service you need:

  • A mobile phone that can support the transmission and reception of Fax messages.
  • A portable computer with PCMCIA slot type II and upwards, or a portable fax machine.
  • A PCMCIA card with phone/computer interconnecting cable
  • Software

The above mentioned is the standard equipment which is required although it may vary according to the terminal equipment used.

The Fax service supports speeds of 2400, 4800 and 9600 bps (Asynchronous connection), depending on the capabilities of your equipment. When completing the application form, be sure to specify which speed you require.

Additional Information
The Fax services (sending and receiving fax messages) are available to all pay monthly customers. A different customer number is given for each of the new services, which is necessary for incoming Faxes and / or Data originating from the fixed telephone network.

For the soeasy pay as you go you can only send fax messages but not receive.
Application forms are available from any of our cytashops. The minimum information required to process your application is the make and model of your mobile phone.