Additional Mobile Services

Cytamobile - Vodafone offers you a series of advanced, yet easy to use, services. These services are continuously improved to cover your mobile telecommunication needs both in a personal and professional level.

Αύξηση Παραγωγικότητας


eSIM is a digital SIM that’s already in your phone. It’s quick to set up, easy to use, and entirely online so it’s great for the planet.



With OneNumber you can share your monthly plan across various SIM cards using the same mobile number



VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) technology changes the voice call experience on mobile networks, offering better sound quality and use of multiple services while performing a call.



SafeWeb is offered to enhance the security of our customers when browsing the Internet through the Mobile Telephony network.

Other mobile services & facilities

soeasy services

Money Transfer

With soeasy Money Transfer service, you can transfer credit (€2 or €3) from your soeasy number to another soeasy subscriber’s number!

You can transfer credit as follows:

  • Dial #105#, select the amount you want to transfer (€2 or €3) and insert the soeasy account to which you want to transfer the money. After completing this process, you will receive a confirmation message that the transaction has successfully been completed.
  • In the MyCyta app, select "My services" from main menu. Then on the “Remaining balance” page click “Money Transfer”.

You may use the service up to 10 times a month. The first five times are free of charge, while the next 5 times will be charged with €0,25 per transfer. The amount will be deducted from the soeasy account that transfers the money.

The amount transferred is not regarded as a top-up and as result, it does not affect the validity period of the soeasy account to which the money has been transferred. Therefore, the validity period of the most recent top-up still applies. To extend your validity period you are advised to top-up your soeasy.

Call me back

A new service to make life easier for our soeasy customers is the “Call me back” service. If you run out of airtime and you need to contact someone urgently you can ask them to “Call me back”. All you have to do is press #120#. Soon, you will receive a text message asking you to dial the mobile number of the person you want to contact, if he/she has a Cytamobile-Vodafone connection.

After that, the particular person will receive a text message on his/her mobile phone
“Please Call me back at:XXXXXXXX

Switch Plan

The new ‘Switch Plan’ service is offered to all of you who wish to switch between Cytamobile-Vodafone plans. If you are a Cytamobile-Vodafone customer and you wish to change your soeasy pay as you go plan into a pay monthly plan or vice versa you can do it easily and quickly without changing your number. All you have to do is visit any of our Sales Network shops having your passport or I.D. with you and go for it!

Rates (inc. VAT)
Switch from pay monthly to soeasy pay as you go € 2
(with €1 free airtime)
Switch from soeasy pay as you go to pay monthly  
- Classic €5
- RED, RED Family, RED Youth Free

Run Out of MB?

Press the GigaGIFT and surf the internet for 24 hours, once a month, free of charge.
Alternatively, you can dial from your mobile phone #150#

  • You need to dial the code every time you want to activate the service.
  • You can use the service once a month.
  • The service applies for soeasy customers that have made a top-up of at least €5 in the last 2 months
  • The service cannot be used while abroad.
  • Fair Usage Policy: 5GΒ for every use of the service