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Mobile Insurance

Ασφάλιση Κινητού
Cyta in collaboration with Progressive Insurance has developed insurance plans to cover mobile devices.
Insurance Package BASIC PLUS SUPREME
Device value (€) €0-€799 €800-€1299 €1300-€2000 €0-€799 €800-€1299 €1300-€2000 €0-€799 €800-€1299 €1300-€2000
Price per month (€) €5,00 €7,50 €10,00 €6,50 €9,75 €13,00 €7,00 €10,50 €15,00
Price per year (€) €50,00 €75,00 €100,00 €65,00 €97,50 €130,00 €70,00 €105,00 €150,00
What each contract covers      
Any accidental damage and / or damage to the device which is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 
Coverage of accessories that have been damaged accidentally or by malicious action at the same time with the mobile device with a maximum amount of €50 without presenting a receipt.
Coverage abroad (for maximum total use within a year 30 days for devices worth less than 500 euros and 90 days for devices worth more than 500 euros).
Excess 5% on the purchase value of the device for each claim.
Maximum number of incidents in the two years of the contract: 3 (of which maximum number of incidents in the 1st year 2).
Coverage for theft or robbery of all or part of the device.  
Coverage for unauthorized charges up to € 1000 after theft (if a complaint is made to Cyta within 24 hours to terminate the connection and to the police within 72 hours).  
Coverage for accidental loss of the device (1 incident during the contract).    
Exemption (excess) 15% on the purchase value of the device in case of accidental loss.    
For the purchase of a mobile device insurance plan the IMEI of the device is required. Get it Get it Get it

Note: For each insurance contract there is a one-time stamp duty of € 2.

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