Solutions for malicious calls

Have you been receiving malicious or harassing phone calls?

Cyta helps you tackle any unwanted calls!

At Cyta, we carefully design and offer innovative and fully integrated solutions, to enable you to communicate, work and entertain yourself with ease flexibility and personal safety.

We also offer solutions for you to deal with malicious or harassing calls and ensure the safety of your personal information.
Malicious or harassing calls identification

If you receive any malicious or harassing calls, on your mobile phone or fixed line, even if the caller has used the identification restriction, we are in a position, with the technical infrastructure available and in cooperation with the police, to investigate and resolve every incident involving these calls.

You can simply submit a complaint to the police and in person, present to a Cytashop the Complaint Form Confirmation, which will be given to you by the police, along with your identification card, and fill in the Malicious or Harassing Calls form. You can choose between a period of 15 days (charge €6,10 incl. VAT) or 30 days (charge €12,20 incl. VAT), for investigating the calls.

The procedure applies to all Cytamobile-Vodafone customers (pay monthly and soeasy pay as you go plans) and Fixed telephony customers.

When the number of the caller making the harassing calls belongs to:

  • a Cyta customer (Cytamobile-Vodafone pay monthly or Fixed telephony), the information is directly handed over to the police.
  • a soeasy pay as you go customer with no recorded personal information in the Cyta database, who has refused to provide Cyta with his personal information, Cyta will disconnect the service based on the Regulation 3 of the Telecommunication Services Regulations and the Article 18 of the soeasy service provision Terms and Conditions.
  • another network provider then the phone number and name of the provider are handed over to the police.

In no circumstances whatsoever are the details of the caller making the malicious calls given to the person that has submitted the complaint.
A relevant procedure applies to situations involving malicious or harassing SMS messages.

Anonymous Call Rejection Service

The Anonymous Call Rejection Service enables you to reject anonymous calls.

From your mobile phone

You can activate the service simply by sending ON ACR with an SMS message to the number 7000 (charge €2,03) and for deactivation OFF ACR to the same number (charge €1,03).

A call is considered anonymous when the person who makes the call “hides” his/her number either by typing #31# before the number he/she wants to call or if he/she has activated the Calling Number Identification Restriction Service (CLIR).
Calls received from abroad or other local calls whose number does not appear on the screen of your phone will not be rejected. Instead the wording “Private number” will appear on the screen of your mobile phone, as it already applies today.