Your old device now has value

Visit one of our Cyta shops to get an assessment of your old device.
Exchange your old smartphone or tablet and get a voucher with the offered buyout price that you can redeem to buy a new device or accessories at any Cyta shop.
Service terms
  1. The Trade-In Service provides the opportunity to any person (individual who is not a business) to trade-in his/her old mobile phone and/or tablet device (sim only) at any Cyta Shop.
  2. Based on the proposed trade-in value of the old device, the customer will receive a credit note for the purchase of a new device and/or accessories, from any Cyta Shop.
  3. The coupon can be redeemed at all Cyta Shops within a period of 6 months from the date of issue.
  4. To be able to be evaluated the devices must power on, hold a charge, and have a functioning display.
  5. Initially through the application, the reliability of the device is checked based on the IMEI. If the mobile is listed in the international blacklist (GSMA) no acquisition is suggested.
  6. The proposed device value is automatically derived from the application and will be confirmed at the Cyta Shop, after assessment of the physical and functional condition of the device.
  7. Depending on the device proposed value, the application proposes two buyback prices for a Fully Working Handset and for Non-Functioning Device

    Fully Working Handset requirements

    • It must power on and off.
    • All basic functions and software must be fully working.
    • Touch screen, should be fully functional and free from major scratching.
    • All keypad and additional buttons must work, as should features like Bluetooth, the camera and WiFi.
    • It must have a functioning display, camera and no moisture.
    • It must be complete with no buttons missing or damaged.
    • It must have fair wear and tear.
    • It must not be blacklisted.
    • Apple iCloud users, the Samsung account should have their account removed from the device.

    Non-Functional Device Requirements

    • It must not be crushed or broken.
    • It must not to be bent.
    • It must not have liquid damage.
    • It must not be missing any key components such as camera, buttons, LCD screen and others.
    • For Apple iCloud users, Samsung/ Google account should have their account removed from the device.

  8. The proposed trade-in value may also be zero in case of a non-functional device.
  9. The proposed trade-in value, may change after a period of time.
  10. Devices that are blacklisted, for recycling, do not light up and their buyback price is zero, are not traded. Mobiles for recycling are not collected by Cyta Shop.
  11. The customer must delete all contents and personal data from the trade-in device. In addition, he/she must remove all SIM cards and memory cards as well as accessories and reset the device to factory settings.
  12. Cyta assumes no responsibility for any personal information that is not deleted from a trade-in device.
  13. Cyta reserves the right to terminate at any time the trade-in service and to modify any of these terms.
  14. The use of the Trade-In service requires the unconditional acceptance of all the above terms and conditions.
  1. What is Trade-In service?
    Trade-In service provides you with the opportunity to 'exchange' your old device (mobile phones & Tablets - sim only) and receive the amount of its sale in the form of a coupon.

  2. Who is eligible to trade in a device?
    Anyone (natural person), can trade-in their old mobile phone/ tablet-sim only. The service is not available for companies.

  3. How does the Trade-In service work?
    To see the value at which you can trade-in your device you can visit one of our Cyta Shops. Additionally, you can find out the trade-in value of your device via any communication channel. To trade-in your device you must bring it to one of our Cyta Shops so that we can first appraise the value of your device.

  4. How is the device evaluated?
    In order to evaluate the device, the device must be turned on and we must have access to its operation. The reliability of the device is checked first and then we proceed to its evaluation. Depending on its condition and commercial value, a redemption price is proposed. If the price offered satisfies you, we can proceed with the issue of a coupon.

  5. What devices are eligible for Trade-in?
    You can trade-in any used mobile devices and Tablets that support SIM card.

  6. How many mobile devices can I trade-in?
    There is no limit.

  7. What should I do before trading-in my device?
    You must remove any memory cards, SIM cards and other accessories. Also, you must back up and erase all of your data. This includes all personal information, accounts, passwords, SMS, photos, videos, games, songs or other data. If your device is connected to an iCloud account, you will have to remove it. You also have to disable any anti-theft protection software such as fingerprint detection.

  8. Can I trade-in a device that is damaged or not working?
    In order to evaluate your device, it should power on and access to its functions must be allowed.

  9. Can I redeem my device if it is locked / connected to an iCloud account?
    Devices that are locked / connected to iCloud cannot be traded-in. You can remove your iCloud account from the settings menu on your device.

  10. Are there any restrictions regarding the redeeming of the Trade-In coupon?
    You can redeem the coupon for the purchase of a new device, accessories and / or soeasy / soeasy time renewal cards connection packages from any Cyta Shop.

  11. How soon should I redeem the Trade-In coupon?
    The coupon expires within the period of 6 months from when issued. A coupon can be redeemed once. If you don’t redeem the full value, the remainder of the reward cannot be redeemed at a later time. The combination of coupons is allowed.