Mobile FAQs

Mobile Internet

What is Mobile Internet?
Mobile Internet lets you go online with your mobile phone, tablet or computer via the mobile phone network.
How can I check the amount of data that I have used since the beginning of the month?
By texting DLU to 8000 you can check how much data you have used since the beginning of the month. If the previous month’s bill has not yet been issued, you will be informed about the latest and the previous month. You can request information via DLU as many times as you wish at no extra charge. Alternatively, you can be informed about the amount of data that you have used on the website through My Cyta (for registered users).
Does DLU show me my Internet usage immediately?
DLU provides information about data usage up to 30 minutes before you request it. The reason for this 30-minute delay is that there may be recent data usage which has not yet been processed by Cytamobile-Vodafone.
What APN do I need to enter for data usage via soeasy?
The APN for soeasy is cytamobile (lower case).
If I activate data barring, can I still send MMS?
When data barring is activated, it automatically stops anything that requires the Internet to work. Therefore you will not be able to send or receive MMS.
Can I activate Mobile Internet barring on my mobile phone?
Yes, you can activate Mobile Internet barring on your number, either through 132 or at any store on the Cyta sales network. You should bear in mind, however, that by activating the barring service, you will be unable to use any other service that requires Mobile Internet to work (e.g. MMS).
I have heard that using Mobile Internet leads to much bigger bills. Can I activate Mobile Internet barring to protect myself from this?

Cytamobile - Vodafone takes care to protect and inform every customer who uses Mobile Internet – so as to avoid unpleasant surprises on bills – in the following ways:

  • If you are a customer without a Mobile Internet tariff plan and you use the Daily Plan, you will automatically be informed by text message (SMS) when your Mobile Internet bill exceeds €5.
  • If you are a customer with a monthly subscription, you will receive a text message (SMS) when you have reached approximately 70% of the volume included in your plan.
  • You can be informed about the amount of data that you sent or received in Cyprus by texting DLUEN to 8000.
  • You can be informed about the cost of data that you have sent or received abroad by texting DRCEN to 8000.
How can I use my mobile phone as a modem?
Vodafone Mobile Broadband via the phone lets you use your mobile phone as a modem so as to obtain a fast Internet connection from your computer with no complex procedures. For more information visit
How can I use my mobile phone to send and receive e-mails?
To have e-mail on your mobile phone, you must first enter your Internet settings and then your e-mail settings on your phone (if you have a problem, you can call 132 for telephone assistance or you can visit one of our stores for help from an expert). We recommend that you choose a suitable plan so as to be able to send and receive e-mail without being afraid that it will cost too much.
To add e-mail to my mobile phone, I have to enter “which Port?” What should I put?
The Port for the http protocol is 8080 whilst for the Wap protocol it is 9201.
I want to make a videocall using Skype. What will I be charged?
When you use Skype, you transfer and use data (Mobile Internet) so the charge depends on the amount of data used. In the case of a videocall via Skype, you should bear in mind that video uses a greater amount of data. If you connect via Wi-Fi for the videocall there will be no charge.
I have Cytanet e-mail on my mobile phone, my settings are correct but I can’t send or receive e-mails. Why?
If you have checked your settings and they are correct, the most likely explanation is that the data usage option has been deactivated or the settings for data usage on the phone are incorrect. If all the settings are correct, call 132 or visit any Cytashop for technical support.
Why can’t I use certain iPhone apps on your network?
Because the full range of Apple® apps is not yet available in Cyprus, it is possible that some services many not work properly.
How do I activate/deactivate data usage on my mobile phone?
You can activate/deactivate data usage from “Settings” on the menu of your mobile phone. For more information, consult the user manual that came with your phone.
What do I need to do to have Internet on my mobile phone?
If you are a Cytamobile-Vodafone customer and you want Internet on your mobile phone, you simply enter the correct settings onto your phone and activate the data usage option.
How can I monitor Mobile Internet use on my mobile phone from abroad?
You can be informed about the charge for the amount of data (Mobile Internet) that you have sent or received while abroad by texting DRCEN to 8000.
How do I activate a Mobile Internet package on my mobile phone?
You can activate a Mobile Internet package on your mobile phone very easily, either by contacting the Cyta Call Centre on 132 or by visiting any store on the Cyta sales network.
Why can’t I connect to the Internet from my mobile phone?
If you have an Internet connection problem with your mobile phone, you need to check that the data usage option is activated and that all the settings on your phone are correct. For more information about settings, visit and click on “Settings”.
How can I turn my phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot?
Many smartphones, when combined with an active Mobile Internet connection, can create their own Wi-Fi hotspot network and share the connection with other devices that can connect via Wi-Fi. To create a Wi-Fi hotspot network, you will need a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capability which is connected via Mobile Internet. In your phone’s menu, in “Settings”, you can activate your own Wi-Fi hotspot network (for more information, consult the user manual that came with your phone). When setting up your network, it is a good idea to activate the need for a password so as to prevent unwanted devices from connecting via your Wi-Fi hotspot network. Devices connected in this way tend to use a greater amount of data so before activating the connection, it would be wise to choose the most suitable data tariff plan for you.
How can use the Internet at any given moment, either from my mobile phone, my laptop or tablet?
If you want to have Internet access at any time from any device, you simply need to choose the most suitable service for you, depending on what kind of device you have. For your mobile phone you can choose one of the many Mobile Internet plans in Cytamobile-Vodafone’s portfolio, while for your laptop or tablet, the best solution is Vodafone Mobile Broadband (VMB). For more information about these two services, you can either go to, call 132 or visit any store on the Cyta sales network.
What is the fastest speed that I can have with Mobile Internet?

The speed of data transfer via the mobile communications network is affected by a number of factors, and thus it cannot always be stable. The maximum speed is obtained only under ideal circumstances and very rarely. Factors that can affect transfer speed include:

  • Network coverage of the area and the distance between the customer and the receiver
  • The number of customers who are using the service at the same time and being served by the same antenna
  • The type and capability of the device being used by the customer
  • Weather conditions in extreme cases

It should be noted that when some networks refer to precise upload and download speeds via the mobile communications network, these speeds are theoretical, not real and they apply to a single user connected to the specific network.

Can I have Internet on any mobile phone?
You can have Internet access on any phone that supports GPRS/3G technology and has a browser. However, you need to activate the data usage option on your phone and then enter the correct settings for Internet access.
What options are available to me if I want to use Mobile Internet on my mobile phone?
Apart from the Daily Plan option which is for customers without a Mobile Internet tariff plan, Cytamobile-Vodafone offers you a variety of packages in combination with any voice plan. With a fixed charge starting at only €4 per month you can use your mobile phone to surf the Internet and download apps, music, maps, etc.
Which is best for me? The Daily or the Monthly Plan?
Cytamobile-Vodafone offers you a broad range of Mobile Internet packages, from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The Daily Plan is ideal for customers who use the service only occasionally while monthly plans are suitable for customers who use it more frequently. Learn all about Cytamobile-Vodafone’s packages at
Does the amount of data I use every month depend on the device I use or is it exclusively to do with the websites I visit?
The amount of data that you use each month depends on both factors. Firstly, it should be noted that there are devices which compress data (e.g. BlackBerry) and as a consequence they use a smaller amount, but also not all websites are the same. For example, those with video such as YouTube® use more data. For your own protection, we recommend that you make regular checks of the amount of data you have used since the beginning of the month by texting DLU to 8000.
What can I do each month with around 200ΜΒ?
With 200MB a month you can send and receive about 50 e-mails, read 40 news items on the BBC website and visit 20 Mobile Web Pages every day. These figures are approximate and, depending on the mobile phone you are using, will differ from one model to another.