Mobile Services

Pay Monthly customers

  • You can get information about your mobile plan and other products.
  • If you are a RED customer you can find out your mobile usage in minutes and/or SMS and/or Mobile Internet.
  • You can view and pay your bill online.

Pay as you go customers

  • You can get information about your soeasy pay as you go plan and your other products.
  • Υou can activate the soeasy plan that suits your needs.
  • You can Top-up on pay as you go, 24 hours a day in a quick, easy and completely safe way.
  • You can view your unredeemed soeasy Rewards codes and the last five prizes that you have won.

cybee Alertscybee Alerts

Activate cybee Alerts such as GOAL alerts, OPAP results, Horoscopes, Biorythms etc.

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Activate ServicesActivate Services

Activate services such as Anonymous Call Rejection, Vodafone Passport or Missed Call Notification.

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- 10 FREE web SMS per day
- 10000 contacts
- Up to 500 recipients

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