Friendly for the environment, easy and secure for you!

Together we can help reduce the burden on the environment. Every move counts, so make yours! Activate today to receive your bill electronically by removing the paper.

The electronic account service can be activated online only by Individuals (Physical Persons). Businesses (Legal Entities) interested in the service should contact Business Customer Service at 150.


By reducing paper consumption, you can help save more than
1,000 trees a year

Activate your electronic billing, to enjoy:

Instant download of your account, quickly and securely.

Enhanced protection of your personal data.

Better organization and management of your bills.

Online payment of your bill, through Quick Bill Payment.

To encourage electronic billing, starting from August, each paper bill will carry a special fee of €0,50 (incl. VAT). This amount is to support initiatives for the protection of the environment. Call 132 or visit any Cyta store, if you are receiving multiple paper bills for your separate services and request their merge into a single bill to avoid multiple charges.

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