HD Channels

For an additional monthly fee, you can choose HD channels grouped in the following packages provided that certain technical requirements are fulfilled. For further information please contact Cyta Call Centre at 132.

Cytavision Sports HD

If football is what matters to you!

The Cytavision Sports HD channels broadcast live the largest international football leagues and other popular sports events, in high definition.

501 Cytavision Sports 1HD
502 Cytavision Sports 2HD
503 Cytavision Sports 3HD
504 Cytavision Sports 4HD
505 Cytavision Sports 5HD
506 Cytavision Sports 6HD
507 Cytavision Sports 7HD
511 Cablenet Sports 1HD
512 Cablenet Sports 2HD
515 PrimeTel 1HD
516 PrimeTel 2HD
517 PrimeTel 3HD
521 Novasports 1HD
522 Novasports 2HD
523 Novasports 3HD
524 Novasports 4HD
525 Novasports 5HD
526 Eurosport 1HD
527 Eurosport 2HD

Cytavision HD Bouquet

If having even more High Definition experiences is what matters to you and you have any Cytavision package.

Τhe best thematic channels for every taste and for the whole family:

300 RIK HD
340 Novacinema 1HD
341 Novacinema 2HD
342 Novacinema 3HD
343 Novacinema 4HD
346 FOX life HD
347 FOX HD
348 Village Cinema HD
349 Movies Best HD
350 TCM HD
360 Discovery Showcase HD
364 National Geographic HD
365 National Geographic Wild HD
367 Cosmote History HD
369 History HD
373 Travel HD
375 E! Entertainment HD
376 Fashion TV UHD
385 Mezzo Live HD