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HD Channels

For an additional monthly fee, you can choose HD channels grouped in the following packages provided that certain technical requirements are fulfilled. For further information please contact Cyta Call Centre at 132.

Cytavision Sports HD

If football is what matters to you and you are a Super Pack subscriber...

The Cytavision Sports HD channel broadcasts live and exclusive UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches, games from the English, Italian, Dutch and Brazilian leagues, Ice Hockey and other European sports events in high definition.

Cytavision Sports HD (200)
  TV Schedule
Cytavision Sports HD The seven Cytavision Sports channels and Cytavision Sports HD channel broadcast live and exclusive football matches from the Cyta Cyprus League, the Coca-Cola Cup, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the Premier League, the Serie A and other European and international events as well as basketball, volleyball, tennis, Formula 1, MotoGP, WRC and several other local and international sports.

Cytavision HD Bouquet

If having even more High Definition experiences is what matters to you and you have any Cytavision package...

Discover this glorious world of ours on the best thematic channels:

Discovery Showcase HD (601)
  TV Schedule
Discovery Showcase HD Discovery Showcase HD is the only global high-definition television brand offering the very best factual entertainment, selected from the Discovery portfolio as well as exclusive content that can only been seen on Discovery HD Showcase. The content allows the viewers to immerse themselves in another world with true HD in its purest form. With breathtaking sound and magnetic imagery you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped right into the heart of the action. We take you on a sensory journey, leaving you with a new appreciation for the finer details often lost in standard broadcasts.
National Geographic Wild HD (602)
  TV Schedule
Nat Geo Wild HD Nat Geo Wild HD uses spectacular cinematography and compelling storytelling to take viewers on unforgettable journeys into the wild world and is the best source for ground-breaking knowledge, unrivaled imagery, and powerful storytelling about wildlife. Nat Geo Wild HD Expands NGCI’s commitment to quality wildlife and natural world programming at the very heart of the National Geographic brand. Nat Geo Wild HD delivers the most intimate encounters with wildlife, enabling viewers to get closer to the wildest corners of the natural world.
National Geographic HD (603)
  TV Schedule
National Geographic HD National Geographic HD combines unique stories filled with breath-taking images with the integrity and credibility that is expected from the National Geographic brand. National Geographic HD re-defines the view on the actual world by broadcasting National Geographic’s best programs that are used to show nature’s finest moments, ranging from wildlife, science, technology, culture and natural phenomena combined with the best sound quality and most vivid colors. World acknowledged directors and scientists offer their valuable insights serving as guides to the viewers, who are exploring the world’s most fascinating places through the incredible HD resolution.
Animal Planet HD (604)
  TV Schedule
Animal Planet HD We take the audience to a world where they will be immersed in the compelling characters of the animal kingdom. Capturing in pure HD the innate drama across a wide range of entertainment programs which include wild lives, animal rescue, natural world and pet entertainment. In perfect HD quality, Animal Planet HD makes you feel you’re so close to the animal kingdom that you can almost touch it.
History HD (605)
  TV Schedule
History HD History HD offers an unparalleled schedule of world-class programmes in stunning high definition.  No faded memories, just dramatic visual accounts of astonishing times brought vividly to life.  With detailed stories of a remarkable past, HISTORY HD allows you to connect yourself to a reality like no other.
Novacinema1HD (611)
  TV Schedule
Novacinema1HD Premiere! The premieres’ channel. You will find here the latest movie releases on first show, selected series, also in avant premiere, as well as all the great movie awards. Cytavision transmits the content for which Forthnet/Nova has the rights for viewing in Cyprus.
Novacinema2HD (612)
  TV Schedule
Novacinema2HD The best movies! The channel showing the most distinguished movies, addressing to all those who love the good cinema. Its schedule presents favourites selections from great movies that stood out due to the actors, directors, awards or box office. Furthermore, do not miss the thematic evenings, with special cinema tributes. Cytavision transmits the content for which Forthnet/Nova has the rights for viewing in Cyprus.
FOX HD (615)
  TV Schedule
FOX FOX is the high quality entertainment channel. With a mix of quality, character-driven and often unconventional drama and comedy, FOX has turned into one of the top choices of TV fans all around the world!
FOX life HD (616)
  TV Schedule
FOX life In countries where the channel has already been successfully launched, FOXlife presents a fusion of international scripted and non-scripted productions, while always taking into account local entertainment needs and audience viewing habits. Composed primarily of first run series from a variety of genres including comedy, fantasy, drama, reality, and lifestyle, this channel is unanimously understood as one of the most respected and recognized television brands across the globe.
  TV Schedule
FOX life MOVIES BEST HD is the first Cypriot High Definition movie channel. Blockbuster movies, top premieres and new releases from the US and the rest of the world, showing on television for the first time and in superior high definition quality! Whatever the genre, it’s all here - action, thriller, comedy, horror, drama, romance and animation - as well as award-winning classics and all-time favorites from great directors that bring the glamorous movie stars of Hollywood straight to your home.
Village Cinema HD (618)
  TV Schedule
FOX life

The ultimate cinematic experience in the comfort of your home! The weekday experience begins after 13:00 with a 24 hour non-stop program every Weekend.
Thursdays at 21:00 are reserved for the Ladies. Back to back Fridays with a Premiere at 21:00 closely followed by Thrillers and Horrors to get the blood pumping. Come laugh your heart out every Saturday at 21:00 or join us on Sundays at 21:00 for some Action and Adventure.

ΡΙΚ HD (620)
  TV Schedule
ΡΙΚ HD The channel broadcasts among other live sports events, international productions & news in high definition.
Novasports1HD (621)
  TV Schedule
Novasports1HD The live broadcast channel! The heart of Superleague, Euroleague and all top sporting events beats live. Cytavision transmits the content for which Forthnet/Nova has the rights for viewing in Cyprus.
Novasports2HD (622)
  TV Schedule
Novasports2HD The excitement continues! Live matches from football fields around the world and special shows. The major football championships from Europe (Superleague, Championnat) and Southern America (Argentinean Championship). Cytavision transmits the content for which Forthnet/Nova has the rights for viewing in Cyprus.