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2nd Internet Home product

Economical solutions for a 2nd Internet Home connection at your holiday home, student residence, office or second home from Cytanet.

If you have an Internet connection from Cytanet at home, now you can have the 2nd Internet Home connection with your monthly subscription reduced by as much as 45%. Prerequisite for the provision of the service is to have fixed telephony (with subscription of €16.58/ month) or broadband access (with subscription of €12.26/ month) at the 2nd Internet Home installation site.

For example, if you choose Internet Home5000 (with monthly subscription €8.90/ month), you will pay:

Total monthly subscription with fixed telephony Total monthly subscription without fixed telephony (with broadband access)
€25,48 €21,16

The following products are offered:

Product Download speed Upload speed Cost*     
Internet Home5000 5Mbps 800kbps €8,90 /month order
Internet Home10000 10Mbps 800kbps €16,18 /month order
Internet Home20000 20Mbps 800kbps €18,77 /month order
Internet Home30000 30Mbps 1Mbps €23,07 /month order
Internet Home50000 50Mbps 4Mbps €26,73 /month order
Internet Home80000 80Mbps 4Mbps €32,88 /month order


  1. All prices include VAT.
  2. The Internet Home products installation charge is €71,40 and includes the modem. Connection charge may be paid as a once-off amount or in ten monthly instalments.                                                    
  3. In the case of self-installation, the installation charge is €35,70 and is applicable only for products with speeds of up to 30Mbps.
  4. Customers with an Internet connection at their holiday home can take advantage of the temporary disconnection of the service. In this way, you pay the regular monthly charge when the service is connected and for the rest of the time only €5.95 a month, with a maximum of six months’ disconnection in any year.
  5. The 2nd Internet Home product should be at the same or lower speed than the 1st one. It only provides internet connectivity service without the free provision of the following facilities:
    • 4 e-mail addresses,
    • Safe Internet - for home and
    • Cytanet Wireless Zone.
  6. The above prices do not include the connection fee and the rental of the telephone line or the broadband access.
  7. Customers with Internet Home products with a speed of 10Mbps and above have the capability of enhanced upstream speed.
  8. Access to the internet is offered as follows: (i) Advertised speed – this is the speed that is advertised for each product, (ii) Maximum speed – this is the same as the advertised speed, (iii) Normally available speed – this is at least 90% of the maximum speed and is available to the end user twenty-four hours a day, (iv) Minimum speed – this is defined as 80% of the maximum speed.