Freedom to go without your iPhone

With Apple Watch Cellular you are always connected with your friends, family and everything you love, without your iPhone nearby.

You only need to activate OneNumber with eSIM exclusively from Cyta.

Activate eSIM on Apple Watch (OneNumber) with On Device Activation

Activation procedure:

Place your main device (iPhone) next to your smartwatch (additional eSIM device).

  1. Download the Apple Watch App on your iPhone from App Store (if it is not already downloaded).
  2. Open the Apple Watch App.
  3. Turn on your Apple Watch and wait for the Apple Logo to appear.
  4. From the Watch App select “pair new watch”.
  5. Press on My Watch and then press Mobile Data.
  6. Press Set Up Mobile Data.
  7. When asked if you want to share your plan with your Apple Watch select “Yes”.
  8. Type your Identity Card os Passpost number to activate OneNumber on your smartwatch. If you are a business customer, use the Portability Number, shown on your monthly bill.
  9. Click on the service description and press the activation button.
  10. The order is activated almost immediately but in some cases it can take longer if there are unforeseen problems.
  11. Once OneNumber has been activated, you will receive a confirmation message via SMS.
Transferring an eSIM to a new Apple Watch device

Remove Data Plan from paired Apple Watch

  1. From the Watch App (Apple Watch), select Mobile Data.
  2. Select your plan by (Cyta-Voda) by pressing
  3. 3. Press Remove Cyta-Voda Plan
    Note. The App informs you that removing your plan from the watch, does not terminate subscription to the OneNumber service.
  4. Press Remove Cyta-Voda Plan

Unpair Apple Watch and remove Plan

  1. From the Apple Watch App select the watch that you wish to remove.
  2. Choose Unpair Apple Watch
    From the 3 choices that will appear:
    - Keep Data Plan: in case you wish to delete all the data from the watch excluding the Cytamobile plan.
    - Remove Data Plan: in case you wish to delete all data from the watch.
    - Cancel

Reset Apple Watch

  1. Open the Settings App on Apple Watch.
  2. Select General > Reset
  3. From the choices that will appear select:
    - Cancel
    - Erase All: in case you wish to erase all the data from the watch.
    - Erase All & Keep Plan: in case you wish to delete all the data from the watch apart from the Cytamobile plan.
  4. Type your password.

Remove inactive Plan from Apple Watch

  1. From the Apple Watch App, choose Mobile Data.
  2. Find the inactive plan (Cyta-Voda) under Not In Use and press
  3. Select Remove Cyta-Voda
  4. The Watch App informs you that the removal of the Cytamobile plan from the watch does not cancel OneNumber service subscription.