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soeasy Top-up

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Top-up from the Internet

  • How does it work
  • Validity Period
  • Top-up from abroad

To top-up you have to:

  1. Call the short code 1882 (soeasy Automatic Operator) from your mobile phone (or 1883 from any other phone). Follow the pre-recorded instructions and enter the 16-digit number* found at the back of the Top-up cards.

  2. Dial *115*16-digit number# from your mobile.
    For example *115*1234567890123456#

For more information please send us an email to

Top-up Validity Period
€5 180 days
€10 365 days
€20 365 days
€35 365 days

» soeasy terms and conditions

Top-up while you’re abroad
If you have extra soeasy Top-up cards with you, just dial *115*16 digit number# or call (from any non soeasy pay as you go phone) the Call Center at +35722880100.

Prefer to Top-up another way?

Top-Up via your pay monthly mobile

Top-up your account, 24 hours a day, from our website in a quick, easy and completely safe way.

Top-up with Top-Up Cards

When your airtime runs out, you can top-up your account with the soeasy Top-up cards. They are available in four different values: €5, €10 ,€20 and €35.