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soeasy Top-up

Top-up your account, 24 hours a day, from our website in a quick, easy and completely safe way.

Alternatively you can top-up your account from:

When your airtime runs out, you can top-up your account with the soeasy top-up Cards. They are available in four different values: €5, €10 ,€20 and €35.

Top-up Validity Period
€5 180 days
€10 365 days
€20 365 days
€35 365 days

How does it work:

When your credited amount runs out, to renew your airtime, at any moment, from your mobile phone free of charge using a top-up Card.
To top-up in this way, you have to:

Scratch the panel of the top-up Card to reveal the 16-digit secret number.
1) Call the short code 1882 (soeasy Automatic Operator) from your mobile phone (or 1883 from any other phone)

  • Follow the pre-recorded instructions and enter the16-digit number* found at the back of the top-up Card.
  • Listen to the confirmation of the recharge you made!

2) Dial *115# from your mobile, follow the instructions and enter the 16-digit number

*Note: If you fail in entering the secret number three times in a row, you will be advised to call the Call Center for Mobile Telephony Services (on 132) and your call will be terminated.

soeasy Rewards: soeasy always rewards you!

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soeasy Freebies: Choose plan to get free calls or SMS and Mobile Internet when you top-up your account!

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