Technology is nothing without humanity

Human is the one who drives everything forward in order to build a better and promising future. A future where together with technology one will be able to share more love, cure every disease, care for the environment and make sure nobody’s left behind. A better future for him and his loved ones.

Now is the right time to reveal a more significant role for technology, mobile network and our services. It is our responsibility as a telecommunication company to make the real difference and help people to live their lives in a better way and drive ourselves to a digital society where everyone shares equal values and rights.

I have some questions, some big questions:

Can we share more love?

Can we cure every disease?

Can we make sure nobody’s left behind?

Can we go faster than 9.58’?

Can we change our ways before it’s too late?

Can we all drive cleaner?

Can we go even further than we’ve gone already?

Together We Can.

Technology and humanity, together we can do anything.

Together We Go Go

Cytamobile-Vodafone together with the award-winning Cypriot start-up Activitygogo and its founder Stella Zapiti, present the online show "Together we Go Go". This show was created to inspire people to constantly try new things with the help of technology. Because if you can constantly try something new, you can also discover your true self. In each episode, well-known guests travel all over Cyprus, are tested in fun activities and interesting challenges and invite you to live your life to the max. And everything is achieved with the help of the reliable network of Cytamobile Vodafone and especially its newly superfast 5G network. At the same time, in each episode, an important issue of social contribution & responsibility emerges.

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The first 5G music composition in Cyprus

«If we can be always connected we can achieve everything»
Costas Cacoyannis does not need recommendations. He is one of the most important contemporary music composers in the country with an extremely rich work in television productions, cinema, musicals, theater, collaborations with famous singers, etc. Being also the founder of the non-profit cultural organization “PARAKENTRO, he is giving the opportunity to many talented youngsters from all over Cyprus, to evolve and develop their talent.

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Technology and humanity, together we can do anything.

Together we can