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For greater flexibility and in order to be able to upgrade Cytavision package, add Premium Channels or add Video on Demand (VoD), go to the Cytavision app online at

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With the CytavisionGO application, you can:

  • Watch 50+ channels, including Cytavision Sports, depending on your package.
  • Access the new, updated Video on Demand movie library.
  • Find out about each channel’s programmes.
  • Interrupt your viewing and continue later from the point at which you stopped.
  • Create your own profile with a list of favourite channels, set the programme and subtitles language.
  • Go back and watch programmes first shown up to 7 days earlier.
  • Set reminders so as not to miss a single programme.

Cyprus Football online

Enjoy the Cyprus Football Pack everywhere, via mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, personal computers) over the internet. Unique viewing experience for everybody irrespective of internet provider. Use your card and you are all set.


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The CytavisionGo app allows you to become a Cytavision subscriber easily and quickly. By visiting the Cytavision application via a browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox browsers)  you can register as an online subscriber and activate your Cyprus Football package.
All you need is your credit or debit card and an internet connection. Within a few minutes, you can register, activate your subscription and start enjoying the channels of the Cyprus Football package through mobile devices.
The monthly subscription is automatically renewed every month, without you needing to take any further action.
The Cyprus Football package:

  1. Includes Cytavision Sports 1, Cytavision Sports 2, Cablenet Sports 1, Cablenet Sports 2 and Primetel Sports 1 channels.
  2. Gives you the opportunity to buy international football matches on a «pay per view» basis.
  3. Provides viewing via iOS and Android mobile devices, laptops and desktops.
  4. Allows you to create and manage your account online. Viewing of the package content is also possible through the iOS and Android applications of the CytavisionGo service.
  5. Provides TV service to subscribers of all internet providers.
  6. Allows its subscribers to view the contents of the package from any European Union country.

Note: The account creation as well as the purchase and activation of the online package of Cyprus Football is done via a laptop or desktop through the browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox browsers).

Are you ready to enjoy Cyprus Football through a new online experience?
Activate the package through Cytavision at

Pay Per View

Watch live the most important football matches, for those that Cytavision holds the TV rights, through the browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox browsers) or through the CytavisionGo application from App Store or Google Play.


If you are not a Cytavision customer and wish to watch live football matches via the Cytavision sports channels you can enjoy the matches through the CytavisionGo application.

If you are a customer of the «Cyprus Football» pack via internet and wish to watch International Sports Content of Cytavision, you can do that through the CytavisionGo application.

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Description Charges Charging Period
Cyta’s Client €7,00 Per event charge
Client from other provider €13,00 Per event charge
Overseas client €7,00 Per event charge

1. The price is inclusive of VAT.
2. Channel 601 transmits the Horse Racing productions which are provided to Cytavision customers for free.

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