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TV Packages

OFFERS: FREE Installation of the 1st and/or 2nd Cytavision Set Top Box for new and existing customers.

The offer is valid for the period of 17 January - 28 February 2018 with a 12 month commitment to the services.
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The best entertainment platform

Our main priority is to offer our subscribers the best quality content combined with innovative new applications and services at attractive prices. Choose the package that suits you best...

Universal Remote Control Exclusive Offer

Order online a TV Package and get as a gift a Universal Remote Control (offer terms).

  Value Pack Variety Pack Super Pack
Channels 50+ TV channels from all thematic categories 65+ TV channels from all thematic categories 80+ TV channels from all thematic categories
Cytavision Sports Channels Cytavision Sports 7 Cytavision Sports 7 Cytavision Sports HD
& 1-7
Nova Channels 4 Novacinema and
6 Novasports
4 Novacinema and
6 Novasports
Pay Per View For selected games For selected games
Time-Shifted TV
Video on Demand
with popular movies
Electronic TV Guide
Information Portal
For customers with existing Internet Home/Business service €12,00
For customers without the Internet Home/Business service €20,84


  1. Prices include VAT.
  2. The Value Pack subscription is calculated and charged daily. The Variety Pack and Super Pack subscription is charged daily for the amount corresponding to the Value Pack (with or without Internet) and the remaining amount of the subscription is charged as follows:
    • at provision: 1st to 15th of the month the entire remaining amount, 16th to 31st of the month 50% of the remaining amount.
    • at termination: The entire remaining amount regardless of the day of the month. The Cytavision termination process which takes place on the last day of the month begins at around 21:40 p.m. and ends at around 22:40 p.m.
  3. The installation fee of the Cytavision packages is €71,40 which can be paid once-off or in 10 monthly installments.
  4. The above charges do not include the connection fee and the rental of the telephone line or the broadband services access.

Complementary Services

2nd Set Top Box

2nd Set Top Box Add a 2nd set top box to your existing Cytavision connection and watch different channels on two different TV sets.

Premium Channels

ChannelsWatch more channels such as Adult Channels for an additional monthly subscription.

Combine telephony, internet and television according to your needs

Telephony + TV
Internet + TV
Telephony + Internet + TV