FREE INSTALLATION of Internet & Telephony valid until June 30!

Telephony Plus


Telephony Plus service expands your telephony experience offering you flexibility and exclusive benefits in a single package including:

The option to install up to four separate telephone numbers.
The option to manage and configure online the service through My Cyta.

Mini UPS Adapter iPower 2100-12
Battery life: 120min for 12V 1.5A Router Battery Liion 2600mAh

For the uninterrupted operation of your Telecommunication Services offered through modem/router, in case of a power outage.
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Additional Broadband Telephony services and Discount Schemes

Fixed Telephony Economy Plans

Set up your own economy plan and save on your telephones calls!

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International Call Package

Select the international call package and communicate carefree with friends and family abroad.
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Talk & Save - Business Discount scheme

Save up to 20% on your calls to numbers in Cyprus or abroad.

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