Tourist eSIM

Stay connected to family and friends while visiting Cyprus!

Enjoy Cyprus with Tourist eSIM! Surf the internet, work remotely from the beach and enjoy your holiday without worrying about roaming charges!

20GB for €9,99

  • 30 Days Validity
  • Data for use in Cyprus
  • Local prepaid number  
  • Free 50MB with eSIM activation
  • Online GB top-up
  • No Registration, no commitment
  • Save money on roaming fees

Note: Currently, Tourist eSIM is only available at all airports in Cyprus and through partner airlines.

Top up online!

Top-up online!

Easily, fast and securely!

Start using your Tourist eSIM in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Scan the QR code

Step 2

Activate your eSIM

Κάνε top-up την eSIM σου

Step 3

Top-up your eSIM

Step 4

Start using your GB


What is an eSIM?

eSIM is the most advanced form of SIM card known to date. Just like a physical SIM card, eSIM still provides your connection to the Cytamobile-Vodafone network so you can use your mobile plan. eSIM is already installed in your device. It is easy to activate, simple to use, and planet friendly.

To download an eSIM your device needs to be compatible with the eSIM technology.

How can I know my device is eSIM compatible?

You can find the list of devices that support eSIM at

What is Tourist eSIM plan?

Tourist eSIM is exclusively designed for those visiting Cyprus for a short time period and own an eSIM enabled device.

Tourist eSIM includes:

  • Α Local prepaid mobile number
  • Free eSIM download along with 50MB data for local use
  • 20GB (for local use) with a €9,99 top-up
  • Receiving SMS
  • Validity period: 30 days after eSIM activation

The service is not available for roaming.

What are the charges of Tourist eSIM?

The initial installation of the eSIM is free and includes 50MB of Mobile Internet.

You can then top-up a Mobile Internet plan of 20GB with €9,99. You cannot top-up any other Mobile Internet plan. Within the 30 days validity period you can top-up unlimited number of bundles.

What is the Tourist eSIM validity period?

Tourist eSIM has a 30-day validity period from the day of installation of the eSIM on the device. At the end of the 30-day period, the eSIM is automatically deactivated.

How can I get a Tourist eSIM card?

To get the Tourist eSIM card, you’ll need to:

  • First check if your device is eSIM compatible.
  • Have an internet connection (wifi ή mobile data), to install your eSIM.
  • Scan the Cytamobile QR code located on a public spot, to download and activate the eSIM on your mobile phone.
  • The initial installation of the eSIM includes 20MB of Mobile Internet.
  • When attempting to use the service you will receive an SMS with the mobile number of the eSIM service and a link to top-up (20GB for €9.99).

Note: Currently, Tourist eSIM QR code poster is only available on arrivals at Larnaca or Paphos airports in Cyprus and through partner airlines.

Who can get Tourist eSIM?

Tourist eSIM is available to all travellers visiting Cyprus for a short period and need to enjoy Mobile Internet on their mobile phone.

Whether you’re on a business trip or visiting for leisure, Tourist eSIM will keep you connected to your family and friends while you’re in Cyprus.

Can I use any remaining GB outside Cyprus?

No. Tourist eSIM is available for local use only.

How can I top-up my Tourist eSIM plan?

After activating your Tourist eSIM you will receive an SMS containing your new local number as well as a link to follow in order to top-up 20GB with €9.99.

You can make a top-up as many times as you wish within the eSIM validity period.

Online top-up requires the use of a credit card.

How long is the top-up validity period?

The top-up (€9.99/20GB) validity period is equal to the remaining validity period of the eSIM. For example, if the customer makes a top-up on the 29th day, the validity period of the eSIM prevails.

Are there any limitations on the number of top-up?

No. You can top-up as many times you wish within the 30 days validity period of the Tourist eSIM plan. 

How many eSIM can I activate?

To download a 2nd eSIM card you must first delete the previous one or after it has expired.
You have the option to download a new Tourist eSIM up to 3 times on the same device.

How can I know how much GB’s I have left?

You will automatically receive informative SMS with your available balance as well as the top up (€9.99/20GB) link.
Specifically, you will receive the 1st SMS when you have 10GB left, then at 2GB and at 30MB.

You can also check your credit typing *110# from your device.

Can I change the eSIM card?

You cannot change your eSIM card. If you wish to change card, you will need to get a physical SIM.

My eSIM card has expired. Is it possible to reactivate it?

No, once the Tourist eSIM is deactivated after the end of the 30 days validity period, it is not possible to be reactivated.

However, you have the option to download a new Tourist eSIM (up to 3 times to the same device), once your previous has expired. If you need a more permanent/long term solution you can buy a physical soeasy SIM card.

How can I find out my Tourist eSIM expiry date?

After activating Tourist eSIM, you will receive an SMS with the expiry date.

Also, by dialing *110#.

Where can I find my Tourist eSIM number?

After Tourist eSIM installation and activation you will receive an SMS with the number of your eSIM.

You can also find out your eSIM number by dialing #109#.

Can I call 112 EU emergency number with my eSIM?

You can always call the European emergency number 112.