soeasy Mobile Internet

Soeasy Mobile Internet

Surf on the internet from your mobile device by choosing one of the following soeasy Mobile Internet packs:

Pack Validity period Mobile Internet Mobile Internet offer X3 Price (incl.VAT)
soeasy MI Daily 1 day 100ΜΒ 300ΜΒ €1,50
soeasy MI Weekly 7 days 200ΜΒ 600ΜΒ €3,00
soeasy MI Monthly Small 30 days 600ΜΒ
1GΒ - for soeasy Youth
3GΒ - for Hybrid Youth
3GΒ - for soeasy Youth
9GΒ - for Hybrid Youth
soeasy MI Monthly 30 days 1,5GΒ 4,5GΒ €10,00
soeasy MI Monthly XL 30 days 3GΒ 9GΒ €15,00

Useful Information:

  1. By adding a mobile internet bundle the amount will be deducted from your soeasy main account.
  2. You can top-up your Mobile Internet online by using your credit card or at kiosks.
  3. You can buy one of the packs above by sending an SMS to the number 8000 with the following keywords:
    «MI Day» for a Daily pack
    «MI Week» for a weekly pack
    «MI S» or «ΜΙ Small» for a monthly pack Small
    «MI Month» for a monthly pack
    «MI XL» for a monthly pack XL
  1. After you have consumed the soeasy mobile internet pack you have purchased you can continue using the service, however the charges that apply are per ΜΒ unless you purchase a new pack. For this reason we will inform you when your pack has been consumed.
  2. You can purchase as many mobile internet packs as you like at any moment. Consumption will take place from the pack you have purchased earlier until it is exhausted.