CytavisionGo - General Questions

What is the name of the app in the online stores?
To download it from the App Store or Google Play, search for CytavisionGo.
How do I create a CytavisionGo account?
Follow the simple steps of the Registration Guide
What is the URL of CytavisionGo if I wish to access it from my computer?
The URL of the app is
Which mobile device operating systems are supported?

The operating systems that are supported are the last three versions of your smartphone / tablet.

Which browsers are recommended for the best viewing experience?

We recommend the following browsers for optimum viewing:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Ιnternet Explorer and Safari are not supported.

Important Notes:
1. The last three versions of the bowsers are supported. We recommend you τo upgrade yours to the latest version.
2. Navigation via smart TV and android boxes is not supported.

How do I subscribe to CytavisionGo from my PC, mobile phone and tablet?


Visit Select “Register Now” and follow the instructions.


Select “New Customer” and follow the instructions.
The above procedure is not possible on iOS mobile devices.

What is the “Visitor Function”?
This is the stage before connecting to the service. As soon as the app is downloaded and activated, you can navigate to parts of the menu but you cannot watch programmes. The language of the app or the browser programme is based on the language of the device. In order to watch programmes, you need to connect, using the Username and Password you have been given.
Can I watch Cytavision programmes simultaneously on all the devices linked to my account?
Yes, you can watch Cytavision content on TV, via your Set Top Box (one or two) and an additional device, which may be your mobile phone, tablet or PC.
Is there a limit to the number of mobile devices that I can link to my account?
You may link up to five (5) devices to your account.
Can I use the CytavisionGo app or its website outside the home?
Yes, you can use the CytavisionGo app or its website outside the home via Wi-Fi or Mobile Telephony.
Can I watch Cytavision when travelling abroad?
You can watch Cytavision content when travelling to or staying in any EU member state.
Is it possible to watch CytavisionGo content via television?
Smartphones and tablets cannot be connected to television for streaming CytavisionGo content.