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Digital Parenting

Protect your child against digital dangers

The Digital Age - Challenges

It is now widely accepted that technology is an integral part of our lives and, consequently, of our children’s digital world.

Internet usage has grown from the simple sending and receiving of emails and SMS to live chat, sending videos and photographs, online purchases and social networking, as well as to enabling certain types of behaviour that can affect a child’s mental and emotional world.

This development in the digital world brings with it many challenges that can turn into dangers, such as excessive use leading to increased costs or the possibility of addiction. Also the most dangerous such as communication with strangers, the possibility of their being exposed to unsuitable content, cyber bullying and identity theft on social networks.

Everything You Need to Know
Everything You Need to Know

In the era of smartphone & tablet.

Become a model digital parent
Become a model digital parent

Find out everything about your child’s digital work.

Stay in control
Stay in control

Help your child defend himself against cyber bullying.