Disconnection & Reconnection of Telephone Line

If you have a second home or you spend a lot of time outside Cyprus, your fixed telephone is no longer a luxury.

Disconnection / Reconnection Of Holiday Home Telephone Line lets you connect and disconnect your fixed line when you are not using it, so you save on the monthly line rental charge (for up to 6 months).

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Disconnection Fee€ 1,79Up to 6 Months

DescriptionChargesCharging Period
Reconnection Fee€ 1,19Once Off

Note: Prices include VAT.
To disconnect your analogue line, call 8000 7676 (free of charge) from any telephone. For calls from abroad, service availability and charges may vary according to your provider. To disconnect your broadband telephony, call 132.

Your call will be answered by an automated system which asks you to dial the number that wish to disconnect.

If you are calling from a number other than your own, the system will ask you to enter your Cyta Customer Number, which applies to the number you wish to disconnect. This number appears in the top right corner of your monthly bill. If you have difficulty finding this information, call 132 for assistance.
The system will then inform you how many days your line has been disconnected so far and will ask you to select disconnection or reconnection of the line.

To reconnect your line, call 8000 7676 as above and follow the same procedure as for disconnection.

Disconnection / Reconnection Of Holiday Home Telephone Line
is useful if you have a second home that you use for only a few months a year or if you spend more than six months a year away from home.

Disconnection / Reconnection of Holiday Home Telephone Line
is available to all Cyta fixed telephony subscribers. Subscribers who also have Internet Home, DSL Access Home and/or Cytavision may also disconnect their fixed line provided that they have first temporarily disconnected their broadband services.

This Package is not available to ISDN customers and for Special Tariff Telephone Connection Packages.

Important Information:
Your telephone facilities will be disconnected with the line and will automatically be reconnected with it at no charge. During the disconnection period, you will not be charged a monthly subscription for any facilities or for the line, provided that the total disconnection period does not exceed six months in a given year. At the expiry of six months, together with the line rental charge, your monthly subscription will resume for any facilities connected to the line before it was disconnected.

If you wish, you may disconnect your line for more than six months but for any longer period you will be charged the regular monthly line rental, even though your line will remain disconnected.
Connect easily
Connecting and disconnecting your line is easy. Just call 8000 7676 free of charge from any telephone in Cyprus or abroad.

Keep them all together
If you have other facilities connected through the same line, these are automatically reconnected at no charge and you will not be charged while they are disconnected, either.
For more information visit any cytashop, or contact the Cyta Call Center at 132.