The upgraded Voicemail facility provides you with 24 hours a day personal "mailbox" so that you do not miss any incoming calls and your callers are informed with the appropriate message, when you cannot answer your phone. Moreover, you have the option to receive your voice messages at your email address (Voice2Email), enabling you to see right away who called you from wherever you are and respond to urgent matters.

Voicemail for the Broadband Telephony service
Description Charges Charging Period
Connection Fee Free of charge -
Subscription €1,19 Monthly
Activation Fee €0,13090 Per use

1. Prices include VAT.
2. Calls to voicemail (124) are charged €0,04066 per minute.


Voicemail for the Telephony Small Business service
Description Charges Charging Period
Connection Fee Free of charge -
Subscription Free of charge -

...personal "mailbox" 24 hours a day
Provision of a personal mailbox 24 hours a day.

...don’t miss any incoming calls
When you are not available to answer your calls forward them to your voicemail so that you do not miss any incoming calls.

...have different voicemail greeting messages
Set different Voicemail greetings:

    • Welcome
    • When you are unable to answer
    • When your number is engaged
    • In case of extended absence, such as holidays

...get informed and respond quickly to those who are calling you!
Receive your voice mails as .wav files at an e-mail address of your choice, so that you can see at once who has called you, wherever you may be, and respond in urgent cases (the subject line of the e-mail you receive contains the number of the caller).

...combine facilities
Forward calls to your voicemail only the hours you wish or forward certain calls with the Call Forward Selective Facility. Activate the Call forward selective facility from Cyta’s Call Centre on 132 (there is additional charge).

...support by Cyta
Take advantage of Cyta’s reliable support by calling our Call Centre on 132. You can also manage your Voicemail via the Cyta website (www.cyta.com.cy), once you have registered with My Cyta.

The number 123 is used for accessing analog telephony voicemail. For further information about 123 click here. The number 123 remains ONLY for you to hear messages which you have already saved, and which will be deleted one month from the date you start using 124.

How to connect to your new Voicemail:

  • Call the new contact number, 124 or dial *86, from your fixed phone and then follow the detailed instructions given or via My Cyta 
  • Τo connect to your new Voicemail call 132. For your own security, we recommend that you change the password the first time you use your Voicemail. The new password should contain between 4 and 8 digits.

To hear your messages on your fixed telephone:

  • Call 124 or dial *86.

To hear your messages on another phone, fixed or mobile:

  • Call 124.

To route all incoming calls to your Voicemail:

  • Dial *42.
  • Dial *51* to check that the service is activated.
  • Dial #42# to cancel the routing.

To route incoming calls to your Voicemail when your telephone is engaged:

  • Dial *40.
  • Dial *52* to check that the service is activated.
  • Dial #40# to cancel the routing.

To route incoming calls to your Voicemail when they are not answered within a set time:

  • Dial *41.
  • Dial *54* to check that the service is activated.
  • Dial #41# to cancel the routing.

To change the number of rings before routing to Voicemail:

  • Dial *64 (No Answer Timer).

To receive your voice messages as an email with the voice message attached (Voice2Email):
From the telephony management page at My Cyta, select:

  • Service management
  • Messaging and enter the e-mail address to which Voicemail messages will be sent.

To record greeting messages for your voicemail:

From your telephone device

  • Dial *86 or 124 and, having entered your Voicemail password, select 1 and then:
    2 – to record your message for when your line is engaged,
    3 – to record your message for when you are unable to reply,
    4 – to record your message for when you are away for a long time (e.g. on holiday) and
    9 – to record your message (up to 10 seconds)* for when someone is connected to your Voicemail.

For messages longer than 10 seconds, e.g. opening hours or summer holiday closing, you may select option 3 and route incoming calls using access code *41.

From your Telephony Service Management page through My Cyta choose:

  • Service management
  • Select Announcement Repository and upload personal voice files (in .wav format), for callers to hear when they are connected to your Voicemail when you are unable to answer*.
  • Select Greetings and set when each message should be heard.

Below are the specifications for your saved audio files:

The audio (wav) characteristics of an audio file are:
1. Bit rate 64 kbps.
2. Audio sample size 8 bit.
3. Channels 1 (mono).
4. Audio sample rate 8KHz.
5. Audio format CCIT A-Law.


To receive notifications when there are new messages in your voicemail:

  • On devices with an indicator, the light will flash on and off.
  • On IP devices you will also see the envelope icon and the number of messages on the screen.
  • On devices with no indicator, you will hear a stutter tone when you lift the receiver. 

To access your voicemail when you are outside Cyprus:

  • In case you are outside Cyprus, you can call +357124 or +35722700124 in order to access your voicemail.
  • The Voicemail facility is available on request to all subscribers of the fixed telephony service.

For information or assistance, call 132.

«With the Voicemail facility, I have improved my customers support service immensely. They are informed when I cannot answer my phone and at the same they can leave a voice message, which I can hear at any time via my email and reply.»
Andreas Ioannou, Self Employed, Mechanical Engineer

«It’s so easy and quick to hear my voice messages, especially when I am working outside the office. My clients are impressed how quickly I am responding to their voice messages.»

Athina Constantinou, Accountant