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Email My Cyta is the new Cyta unified account that consolidates all Cyta services (manage your bill, manage your mobile or order services online).

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Telephony service offers upgraded telephone communication.

Free supplementary telephony services such us call forwarding, call hold, etc.

At Telephony service, only one telephone number can be connected (without any other broadband service).

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cordless phone Exclusive Offer

Order online Telephony and get as a gift a cordless phone with Caller ID capability (offer terms).

Connection Fee

€50,00 once off per access point

Subscription Fee

€16,58/month for one telephone number

1. Prices include VAT.
2. Detailed Broadband Telephony price list.

Overview of our call rates
  National calls International calls
Calls to fixed phones €0,025 /min Greece: €0,07 cent/min
UK: €0,07 /min
Calls to mobile phones €0,05 /min
Greece: €0,224 cent/min
UK: €0,224 cent/min
Save up to 50% for calls to mobiles in Cyprus and for international calls to selected fixed international destinations
with one of the Fixed Telephony economy plans »

Full details of our call rates

Prices include VAT.

Call management features to make your life easier

Call forwarding Divert your calls to another number if your line is
engaged or you’re away from your phone or when
your telephone line is out of service (unreachable)
€0,13090 per use read more
Conference call
Talk with two other callers at the same time Free of charge read more
Caller ID See who’s calling before you answer your telephone €11,90 once off + €2,38/month read more
Υour personal answering machine on a 24-hour basis €1,19/month +
€0,13090 per use
read more

Security features to make you feel safe

Caller ID See who's calling before you answer your telephone €11,90 once off + €2,38/month read more
Calling Line ID restriction Decide whether you want your number to appear on the receiver’s handset Free of charge read more
Anonymous call rejection Block calls from withheld or anonymous numbers €11,90 once off
(connection or reconnection fee)
read more
Selective call rejection Prevent nuisance calls with the use of a simple code number €11,90 once off +
€2,38 /month
read more
Bundle of Selective call rejection & Caller ID Prevent nuisance calls from up to twelve numbers €11,90 once off +
€3,57 /month
read more
Barring/ Debarring Allow or prevent the making and receiving of calls from your fixed telephone - Free of charge for barring
- €5,95 for debarring
read more
Coded call barring Allow or prevent the making and receiving of certain calls from your telephone by keying in a special code number €10,12 once off + 0,12200 per use read more
Monthly user limit Decide your monthly bill in advance - Free of charge for connection
- €2,03 for reconnection
read more
Disconnection & Reconnection of Telephone Line Connect your home line only when you need it and pay monthly subscription for this time only - Free of charge for disconnection (up to 6 months)
- €1,19 for reconnection
read more
Itemised bills Request to receive monthly a detailed list of all your calls €11,90 once off
(+ €2,38 /month where applicable)
read more
Malicious or harassing calls identification Request to trace the telephone number from which malicious / harassing phone calls are made - €7,14 once off
(15 days investigation)
- €14,28
(30 days investigation)
read more
Automated billing information
for usage
Control your monthly fixed telephony usage bill Free of charge read more

Telephone services that give you the flexibility you need

Fax-on-Email Send, receive and manage your
faxes electronically
€11,90 once off +
read more
Voicemail Υour personal answering machine
on a 24-hour basis
€1,19/month +
€0,13090 per use
read more
Transfer of
Telephone Line
Transfer and connect your telephone line
to your new address
€25,00 once off or
with monthly installments
read more
Transfer of ownership
Transfer your telephone connection
to another owner
€17,85 once off read more
Change of number
Change the number of your telephone line €17,85 once off read more