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11892 Directory Enquiries

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Mission and Vision

Cyta’s Directory Enquiries service is only available on 11892. Any other numbers do not belong to Cyta.

Cyta’s old Directory Enquiries number (192) was withdrawn on 31 January 2006 after 45 years of service. Since 1 February 2006, the new number (11892) has been in use. The change of number took place following the liberalisation of the telephone directory enquiries market in Cyprus.

11892 Directory Enquiries is a product of the Cyta Call Centre. Its mission is to provide customer telephone numbers throughout Cyprus via call centre operators. On 11892 information is provided by telephone on the numbers of customers included in the Cyprus Directory Enquiries Database.

The vision of 11892 Directory Enquiries is for it to be the first choice for directory enquiries information and other related value-added services by providing customers with top quality service and fully satisfying their needs. We want our contacts with customers to be special for them, a unique experience in terms of speed and quality of service which exceeds their expectations.

Why use 11892 Directory Enquiries?

  • A single call to 11892 gives you access to all the telephone numbers in the Cyprus Directory Enquiries Database.
  • The 11892 service is available at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • You can call 11892 from a fixed or mobile telephone and obtain directory enquires information for all the government-held areas of Cyprus.
  • 11892 Directory Enquiries information is updated daily. Cyta guarantees that the information it provides is the most trustworthy and reliable on the Cyprus market.

User information for 11892 Directory Enquiries

The 11892 service menu described below enables you to select which facility you wish to use. In this respect, 11892 is an innovator in the market as it is the first to offer the possibility of better service in such a simple, practical, fast and inexpensive way.

When you call 11892 from a mobile phone, after the announcement of the number you have requested, you will hear the following menu:

  • To receive the number by text message, press 0.
  • To connect to the number, press 1.
  • To obtain another number, press 5.
  • To hear the number again, press 6.
  • In case of any problem, press 9.

When you call 11892 from a fixed telephone, after the announcement of the number you have requested, you will hear the following menu:

  • To connect to the number, press 1.
  • To obtain another number, press 5.
  • To hear the number again, press 6.
  • In case of any problem, press 9.

The option of pressing 0 is not available on this menu since it concerns text messages which are only possible via mobile phones.

If you wish to receive the number or numbers by text message, you must first press 0. When you have done this you will receive a text message with the number or numbers that you have requested. You can then select another facility from the menu. (If you first select another facility from the menu, you will exit the menu and the option to select a text message will no longer be available).

If you request between one and four numbers (the most allowed in a single call) for one or more customers, you will also hear on the menu the respective option for connecting with one of the numbers:

  • To connect to the first number, press 1.
  • To connect to the second number, press 2.
  • To connect to the third number, press 3.
  • To connect to the fourth number, press 4.

By pressing one of the options 1-4, you can connect to the respective number. If you have asked for more than one number, you can only connect to one of them.

Line engaged
If you have chosen to connect to a number and the line is engaged, the call returns to the menu and you can select your chosen option again.

No reply
If there is no reply from the number to which you have been connected, after 20 rings you will be returned automatically to the menu.

Call Completion or connection to a requested number is only available for geographic numbers (2ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ) and mobile numbers (9ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ) registered with the database whether they belong to Cyta or other telephone service providers.

Call Completion, in accordance with Cyta’s regulatory obligations, is not available for premium numbers (90ΧΧΧΧΧΧ), freephone numbers (800ΧΧΧΧΧ), universal or personal numbers (7ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ), virtual networks (5ΧΧΧΧΧΧΧ) or any other 3-, 4- and 5-digit numbers.

If you ask for a number which falls into one of the above numbering categories, you will hear this message:

  • It is not possible to connect to this number.

You will then be returned to the menu.

Option 5 to obtain another number lets you return to an operator on up to two more occasions to ask for other numbers.

Option 6 repeats the number that you have been given by the operator.

Option 9 connects you only once to an operator to enable you to report any problem that may have arisen, such as the system’s failure to announce the number or to connect you to a number as requested.

Contact us

11892 Directory Enquiries is always happy to receive and respond to any question, comment, complaint or query that you may have.

You can contact us by:
Telephone: 80011892
Fax: 22702034

If you wish to refer to a problem or to make a comment or complaint, you can contact us via the online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a call to 11892 Directory Enquiries cost?
    Calls cost €0,35 plus €0,045 per 15 seconds and they are among the cheapest on the market.

  2. Can I obtain a number by text message (SMS)?
    Yes, 11892 Directory Enquiries can text a number at no extra charge when a customer calls from a mobile phone and presses “0” on the service menu.

  3. How many numbers can I obtain during a single call to 11892?
    During each call you can request up to 4 numbers.

  4. Can 11892 Directory Enquiries connect me to the number I want?
    Yes, you can be connected at once to the number you have requested.

  5. How can I connect to the number I have requested?
    When you have heard the number, press 1 on your telephone to connect to it.

  6. What happens if the number to which I have connected does not reply or is engaged?
    Your call will return to the service menu so that you can select your chosen option again.

  7. How much does it cost to connect to the number?
    There is no connection charge. You pay only for the duration of the call at a rate of €0,045 per 15 seconds.

  8. Why can’t the operator connect me to the number I have requested?
    We do not want to keep customers on the line and increase the cost of their call, nor do we wish to force customers to connect. We let them make their own decision without extending the duration of the call unnecessarily.

  9. Can 11892 Directory Enquiries give me information about the address of the person whose number I have requested?
    Yes, it can provide information about the address of the person whose number has been requested. However, if a number is ex-directory, 11892 Directory Enquiries cannot do so.

  10. Can 11892 Directory Enquiries give me an ex-directory number?
    Unfortunately not. No information may be revealed concerning an ex-directory number since 11892 Directory Enquiries is bound by the relevant legislation concerning the Protection of Personal Data.

  11. Where is 11892 Directory Enquiries located?
    It is located on Cyta premises in central Nicosia.

  12. Can 11892 Directory Enquiries give me the name and address of a customer if I provide the number?
    This facility is offered by the 11892 Directory Enquiries only for listings of customers that have given permission to perform reverse directory searches on their data. The facility is currently offered for around 50% of the Cyprus Directory Enquiries Database listings.

  13. Can I contact 11892 when I am abroad?
    No, unfortunately this is not possible. However, if you wish, you can find a number from Cyta’s online telephone directory by visiting the website

  14. Can I have multiple entries for the same number in the telephone directory?
    Yes, for a small charge you can have more than one entry for the same number. For more information about this, call 80008888 free of charge.

  15. Can 11892 make changes to the information concerning numbers?
    No. To make any changes to Cyta customer entries, call the Directories Unit at Cyta on 80008888.

  16. Is Cyta responsible for correcting any wrong entries?
    Cyta is responsible for correcting entries relating to Cyta customers. In the case of errors concerning numbers belonging to competing service providers, Cyta has no authority to make changes.