Top-up VMB Account

Top Up

Top-up your account, 24 hours a day, via your mobile in a quick, easy and completely safe way.

Buy Top-Up Card

Alternatively you can top-up your account from:

Top-Up Cards

When your airtime runs out, you can top-up your account with the soeasy top-up Cards. They are available in four different values: €5, €10, €20 and €35.

Using top-up cards of €20 and €35 you will be rewarded with a bonus. The more you top-up per transaction, the bigger the bonus!

Top-up value € Total Data Volume Vodafone Mobile Broadband
validity period
€35 4100 MB 40 days
€20 2200 MB 20 days
€10 1000 MB 10 days
€5 500 MB 5 days
How does it work:

Depending on the capabilities of your device (personal computer, tablet etc) you may choose one or more of the following methods to Top Up your account:

  • Type in the 16-digit code in the window that pops up when you click the option Account Top Up of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband application of your computer.
  • Call 1883* from any phone and submit the 16-digit code by following the voice prompts.
  • Dial *116*16-digit code# from your device.
  • Use the CytaVodaMENU application on your mobile phone or tablet to either submit the 16-digit code or to charge your monthly bill. You need to first register on and get payments PIN to be able to charge your monthly bill.
  • Login at to submit the 16-digit code or to charge your monthly bill.

*Note: If you fail in entering the secret number three times in a row, you will be advised to call the Call Center for Mobile Telephony Services (on 132) and your call will be terminated.