Top-up VMB Account

Top-up your Vodafone Mobile Broadband account in a quick, easy and safe way!

Top-up amount and validity period


Validity Period

Mobile Internet

Initial balance 15 days 1024MB
€5 5 days 500MB
€10 10 days 1000MB
€20 20 days 2200MB
€35 40 days 4100MB

Your service will be deleted 180 days after the expiration of the credit validity period unless you top-up your account before that date.

The validity period is extended every time you top-up your account. The extension duration in days is shown in the table above.


Prefer to top-up another way?

Use the Vouchers of the soeasy pay as you go service which you can purchase from Cyta shops, Cyta partner network and a large number of points of sale around the island.

Choose one of the following methods to top-up your account:

Via our website by entering the 16 digit code here.

Type in the 16 digit code in the window that pops up when you click the option Account Top Up of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband application of your computer.

Call 1883* from any phone and submit the 16 digit code by following the voice prompts.

Dial *116*16 digit code# from your device.

Use the CytaVodaMENU application on your mobile phone or tablet to submit the 16 digit code.