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Auto top-up

Don’t worry about running out of credit anymore by setting up a recurring auto top-up!

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Don't have top-up code? Buy top-up code (external link)

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You can also top-up via mobile

To top-up you can use either of the 2 following methods:
1. Call 1882
Call the short code 1882 (soeasy Automatic Operator) from your mobile phone (or 1883 from any other phone). Follow the pre-recorded instructions and enter the 16 digit code.

2. Enter code
Dial *115*16 digit code# from your mobile phone.
For example *115*1234567890123456#
Top-up from abroad?
Dial *115*16 digit code# or call, from any phone, Cyta’s Call Center at +357 22 880 132.

Prefer to top-up another way?

Top-up any soeasy mobile number you want, with change on a pay monthly mobile plan bill!
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