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Roaming Like at Home
As of 1st June 2017, you will be able to use your domestic plan, when travelling in the European Union countries, with no extra charge.

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  • Calling while abroad
  • Control your charges
  • Lost Phone
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Why Select a Vodafone Network?

Always select a Vodafone network for easier access to services. When you arrive at your destination you may not automatically connect to the local Vodafone or Vodafone partner network. Select the Vodafone Network to enjoy seamless roaming services just like at home, enjoy better rates for using Data Services and to have easier access to your voicemail and customer care.

To find out the Vodafone Network in the country you are visiting check out Selected Vodafone Network list.

Note: Every time you travel outside Cyprus, upon arrival at your destination, you will receive a welcome text message (SMS) informing you of the applicable roaming charges as well as other useful information.

Making Calls

Local Calls
To make local calls within the country you are travelling, just dial the number without adding any international codes.

International Calls
To make a call from abroad (regardless of the country where you are), you must dial the country code, followed by the telephone number.

For example, to call to Cyprus: (+357) + telephone number.

Receiving Calls

To receive a call from Cyprus while you are abroad the other person just needs to dial your number, without any change.

Control your charges

There are different ways to control the cost of your roaming bill. Select the one that best fits your needs:
When you want to contact someone in Cyprus from abroad, it is usually cheaper to have them call you instead of calling them yourself.

Deactivate all Call Forwarding options through your mobile phone menu or by pressing ##21# and then "send". This will allow you to receive calls, but you will only be charged for those calls you answer and not for missed calls forwarded to your Voicebox.

In case you do not want to receive any calls whilst abroad, you can activate the "Always and Unconditionally" Call Forwarding service either towards your Voicemail or any other telephone number in Cyprus. All your calls will then be diverted to your Voicebox or to the telephone number you have chosen without any cost. To listen to your messages, you can call your Voicemail or the other telephone number and do so.

To forward your calls you can enter:
21 * 123 telephone number # OK to transfer your calls to your Voicebox, or
** 21 * telephone number # OK to transfer your calls to a fixed phone, or mobile phone

Check you phone’s settings and adjust them in such a way so that it will not automatically download your mms messages or e-mails so as to avoid any unexpected charges from foreign networks. If you wish you can adjust your settings so as to automatically download the titles of your e-mails and you can then read only the ones you want.

Lost/Stolen Phone

If your mobile phone is lost or stolen while traveling abroad you can call +357 22880300. Cytamobile-Vodafone will bar your SIM card, block calls from your account so that no unauthorised calls can be made. Your pay monthly plan is not terminated, unless you request it specifically.

When you return to Cyprus you can follow the instructions found under the section Mobile FAQs > What should I do if I lose my mobile phone or it is stolen.

For further information on International Roaming, you may contact us as follows:

Useful numbers Charges
From Cyprus
Call to 132 Free
Call to +35722880100 Local Cytamobile-Vodafone charges
SMS to 8000 (with text EU) Free
From Abroad
Call to 132 International Roaming call rate to Cyprus
Call to +35722880100 from EU countries Free
Call to +35722880100 from countries outside the EU International Roaming call rate to Cyprus
SMS to 8000 (with text EU) International Roaming SMS rate to Cyprus